We are one year on from winning Small Business Sunday (#SBS) on Twitter but what does that mean for the Tigga Towers team?
Well I first find myself asking: WHERE has that year gone?! Time certainly seems to fly by! The business has expanded in many ways, including our highly visible ‘TT’ van which is now on the road. We are certainly not hard to spot these days (although due to our contact number being on display no more bad driving is allowed).
“Why is that?” I asked Lizanne innocently.
“Because I do not expect to be taking phone calls on a Monday morning over your driving or parking for that matter!”
So far so good!
Tigga Towers Van
In October 2017, another member of the family joined the team fresh from her Master’s in Wild Animal Biology. Josie has taken on the daunting task of our PR and Marketing. Next to join the team was our cousin, Tommy who is assisting with our accounting systems as we gradually move over to barcoded products and electronic POS. I am sure you will join us in wishing these guys all the best as we move into our NINTH year of business.
Our win on SBS was totally unexpected and happened whilst I was with family last Easter. We were just getting ready to tuck into some delicious food and suddenly my phone went crazy with notifications pouring in… so much so thatit ended up falling off the kitchen counter and on to the floor. I picked it up, muttering under my breath that the screen had better not have shattered, then promptly dropped the phone again as I saw over 200 notifications and my poor phone going into meltdown.
Winning SBS Tweet
It took a moment or two to work out exactly what had happened and then the business went mental for the whole week.
Tigga Towers winning SBS tweet
For us as a brand, the exposure has been excellent and we are beginning to network with other companies in our sector. The SBS Event 2018, held annually, had been in our diary since we won. All the winners from the last year were invited to the day. Knowing we would receive our award from Theo Paphitis himself, Lizanne, Josie and I were extremely excited as we headed down the M40 to the ICC in Birmingham. I must say it was one of the most rewarding experiences for all of us since Tigga Towers began.
 Tigga Towers SBS Certificate
It was incredible to have Theo and his panel of experts at your fingertips to support, answer and advise small businesses like us. We all took away different points from the event and came home very inspired and motivated to tackle work on Monday morning (and who can normally say that about Monday?!).
Photos of Theo and John Roberts from the SBS Event 2018
The top three points I took out of the day were…
1. The days of the ‘big boys’ in business are gone. With the advent and power of social media, large businesses no longer dominate the web. We are in a level playing field so do not sit back and wait for it to happen, go and ‘make’ it happen!
2. Do not raise problems and ooze negativity all the time; find a solution.
3. No matter how tough it gets, do not spread the burden on to your team. On a bad day, find your motivational piece of music and play it full blast on your way into the office. When you walk in you will be bouncing off the walls ready to hit the ground running, inspiring the team as you greet them all. Only when you close your office door can you think **** **** ****.
These points along with many others from the day made me realise how tough it is out there for all business owners. However, if it was that easy then everyone would be starting up their own business. At the end of the day we were beaming with pride to be part of the 0.68% of businesses who have won SBS.
No matter how long Tigga Towers has been running for we will always aim to produce quality products and a customer service that remains second to none. As Lizanne said the other day, one of the best parts of working for the business is receiving photos and feedback from happy customers, so whilst we are on the topic - please do leave us a google review and send photos in to sales@tiggatowers.com!  



The next 12 months hold many exciting events. Some will be announced very soon and others will be shared over the course of the year ahead. One thing for certain is that Tigga Towers is here to stay, so bring on the next 12 months!