Memory Foam Cushion

Specification: Size 65cm x 50cm (depth 5cm) approx.

Price: £29

Colours: Grey, Sandstone

memory cat foam

What is a Memory Foam Pet Bed and why is it in the Tigga Towers bedding range?

The Memory Foam Cushion arrived in the Tigga Tower bed range in late 2015, just in time for Christmas. It sold out in weeks and is now heading towards being the No 1 pet bed pillow for cats and small dogs in 2016.


So how did the team decide this pillow bed/cushion would be a good addition to the range? In early 2015 it became apparent Memory Foam beds for dogs of all sizes would become the norm. Of course regular manufacturers produced a smaller version for toy dogs and for cats too. But as usual the fabric was dog based in both feel and wear ‘n’ tear too. Not as attractive to cats of course!




So we looked at what would/would not work and after careful research we decided that one important factor for this bed was to make sure the Memory Foam itself could be protected from those ‘little’ accidents! As many will already know from human orthopedic pillows and mattresses Memory Foam is not exactly a washable component and needs protection.  Size was easy – a slightly larger than a human pillow would give all cats a good sleeping area depending on how they like to sleep etc. The decision to use pieces rather than a single piece came from cat experience. Most cats love something that moves/gives and of course the foam moulds to a cat’s weight and heat, as well as their chosen position to sleep or simply relax. So whilst the bed feels quite firm in colder weather - once warmed it has that lovely soft supported feel. The team have been known to take a quick ‘cat nap’ on the long trips to shows with one!


Pet Beds that give comfort!

The biggest development in this comfortable bed was the decision to use a specially designed waterproof inner case. Perfect protection for any mishaps and spills. This also meant the outer case (made in the super soft non-looped fabric) could be opened and removed for easy washing. And so the Tigga Tower Memory Foam Cushion was born!


After careful testing and approval from various breeds of cats and dogs it was decided the bed was ready. However, we felt the one colour was boring and needed a little something to lift it. After much debate the single heart was added to give the extra touch of ‘with love from Tigga…’

memory cat foam

The bed is available in the two most popular selling colours of Grey and Sandstone, perfect for all styles of home. The best bit is the price – RRP £29. You get a lot of bed for under £30 - which surprises a lot of pet owners. Plans for 2017 season include the possibility of additional covers to help ease washing and your pet going on strike whilst a cover is being washed!


So far, many different buyers have fed back on this special cushion from luxury cat bedding range and its fast becoming a popular addition for catteries and vets whilst they have animals in their care. The bed suits all different uses from kittens right up to sick and older animals who want that little extra comfort and support for those aching joints – especially after a hard day hunting!


The team is extremely excited with the addition of this type of bed on the market and we are pretty sure we are currently the first UK manufacturer of a ‘cat’ specific Memory Foam cushion/bed. So for now perhaps we can say we are market leaders?



However most importantly the cats love it and owners are delighted with a bed that is supportive and enjoyed but not at a price that will break the bank.


So if you're looking for something a little different for your cat or small dog then why not give this a try and please do give us your feedback.



From Tigga with love…