Tigga Towers was founded in May 2009 by myself and my father Simon Marsh. My sister Lizanne joined us full time 4 years ago and many of my siblings and my mother have all played a part in the business as we expanded and evolved to become what we hope are the “Rolls Royce” of cat scratching towers.


My father Simon (Dad) was originally an antique restorer, hence his love of wood and oak in particular. We always joked when he finished each piece – even a simple oak base - that it was ‘only for cats’. Every piece he designed was made with love and care, no matter what or who it was for – second best or “good enough” was never an option for Dad.

Always one to take a problem and look for a solution, he loved the bespoke limited editions he created when customers gave us their requirements and expectations. The collage of photos shows just a few of the hand-crafted designs that now grace homes all over the world.


In early 2015 Dad was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of sarcoma. For the last 15 months he has battled the illness, undergoing three major surgeries (and still being back in the workshop 5 days afterwards, with drains in, telling us what to do!). His stubbornness (yes, it’s where I get mine from) fought a good fight but this was a battle he was destined not to win.


On Thursday 12th May, Simon passed away, peacefully and at home with his family. Our mother lost her husband and best friend and the seven children lost our father and five grandchildren lost a grandfather. We also lost the designer of Tigga Towers. This was one problem Simon could not solve.

This is a short tribute to my father, his work and his uniqueness he brought to the cat world. He may not be with us now but we will continue his work and the legacy he leaves behind.


For now we ask everyone to respect our privacy and allow us to grieve whilst the family come to terms with our loss.

We will make you proud, we will continue your legacy and we will never forget you – sleep well Daddy.


In loving memory of Simon, husband, father and grandfather.