The new Cave Cat Bed was introduced this year and replaced the old favourite the Cat Hooded Bed.

Size approx. 33cm (w) x 38 cm (d) x 30 cm (h)

The Cat Hooded Bed was introduced back in 2010 and was an extremely popular bed that allowed cats to curl up in whilst keeping one eye on you. It was a very popular option for cat owners with several cats or kittens who loved to curl up together.

However, one issue that we found with the Cat Hooded Bed was that it wasn’t suitable for regular washing – our customers tended to purchase a flat pillow to go inside the bed that could be taken out and washed regularly. The use of foam to hold its shape also meant regular washing was not ideal.

We love to get feedback from our customers and always take it on board, therefore when we decided to redesign the bed last year we introduced some new practical features. One of which was the removal of any foam.


Removable rods


The first new feature of the Cave Cat Bed is the addition of the removable plastic rods, which means that the bed stays upright or will bounce back from any cats who try to climb on top and collapse it! This particular bed uses a single rod which maintains the stability of the opening.

Easy to clean and wash

The new Cat Cave Bed has no foam inside and with the new removable rod– it makes it easy to clean and wash – time after time.


Super soft

The Cave bed is made from an exclusive non-looped super soft fabric making it a great cozy cat bed to lay in and extremely popular with cats and their owners! It’s also available in all 6 colours (pink, grey, sandstone, blue, chocolate and white) – perfect for every home and not too painful on the wallet!


The sloped hideaway feel also is perfect for those who want a little more privacy by snuggling in towards the back of the bed but of course cats can still keep one eye on you.

The Tigga Towers’ team is absolutely delighted with the new and improved Cat Cave Bed and has already received fantastic positive feedback from our lovely customers and their cats!

Let us know what you think?

From Tigga with Love x