Those who live with a cat know how independent and often unpredictable their feline can be!

Cats are happy when their human compliment them with a favourite trest, scratch between their ears, or take a long shower, so they have enough time to sharpen their claws on that expensive-luxury-leather sofa! All these things make them the loving, purring cats or kittens we care so much about.


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 Sometimes when you buy a cute cat bed the only reaction is a look full of bemusement…and they leave it forever untouched. Whilst you are torturing yourself with the question - what have you done wrong, or why your cat doesn’t use the bed ( often continuing to use yours instead), we will try to explain what's going on inside its sweet purring head. There are three core questions that will reveal the secret of how to choose the best cat bed for your cat. Ask yourself:

• Where is your cat's favourite spot to sleep?
• What’s your cat's favourite position to sleep in?
• What’s your cat's favorite past time?


The answers will help you find a solution that will consider some of the most important factors when choosing the right cat bed. Any professional breeders and owners would agree that these are safety and comfort.


Choosing Safe Cat Bedding

Cats are sleepy heads, so they might stay in a bed for a long time. Make sure it is made of natural, clean materials only, not recycled or chemically processed ones. Even though humans are not as perceptive to smells as cats, you yourself will delect the smell of chemicals. It is a sign to never buy that bed. Chemicals are dangerous to a cat’s skin and might even poison your friend when they lick their fur to groom themselves.

Pick the best fabric/material for cats?


Pick soft and natural fabrics. Pay particular attention to the filling material, choose the one with non-clumping, polyester filling. One day your cat mat decide that he or she wants to try what the bed tastes like. It’s better to be prepared for this by choosing a natural filling. Plus washing some beds can completely destroy what was once their favourite cosy soft bed.


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Make sure it’s machine washable to keep it clean!

One additional thing to remember when choosing a cat bed - it must be machine washable. This is a crucial point if your cat leaves the house and plays outside. It's good to keep the bed clean for hygiene reasons. Nobody likes dirty bed sheets especially cats who are naturally clean creatures of habit.

The most comfortable cat beds according to Sleeping Style and Type of Bed


You probably already know your cat’s favorite sleeping positions. We are sure that a large % of your phone memory is full of photos of them in that super cute position with not a care in the world. Take this into account when buying a cat bed, otherwise, it might be uncomfortable for a cat to sleep in and your furry friend will look for other options around the house to have a catnap in or on.

My Cat likes to Stretch while sleeping


Best flat Cat bed for Stretchy sleeping style

If your cat likes to stretch out and sleeps a lot like a human being, take a look at flat cat bedand pillows. Among the moat popular cat beds are the Round Pillow Cat Bed, the Rectangle Pillow Cat Bed, and the Memory Foam Cat Pillow. They are a great choice if your cat likes to sleep in the sun on a window ledge or in the cupboard. Moreover, they can be used as pads in their cat carrier during the vet’s visit.

My Cat likes to Curl Up while sleeping


Best cushion Cat bed for curl up sleeping style

Some cats like to curl up into a fur ball. These felines would like to have a sense of safety and tend prefer cushion beds with quite low sides, so they can still observe the world and lounge over the edge. One of the best matches for them is the  doughnut cat bed style. They come in different shapes and sizes, like the Cozy Cat Doughnut or the Deep Cat Cushion. If your cat likes to have snug feel but does not like to be covered, choose the Rec Double Doughnut Cat Bed with higher sides.


My Cat likes to Hide Away while sleeping


Best covered igloo Cat bed for hide away sleeping style
If your little feline likes to be protected from the rest of the world and prefers drawers, blankets and boxes over stretching on the window sill, the best choice for him would be covered beds. They come in three general types: tunnel bed, cave bed, and igloo bed. The choice depends on how covered your cat likes to be. Covered beds will give him a feeling of shelter. It can also serve as a cave for the little predator to jump out of and fight his victim (catnip mouse, or your toe, for example).


We wouldn’t advise buying this kind for a Maine Coon or larger cats, as there is a chance they will get hot inside and prefer to sleep on top of the bed making it a flat cat bed.

How to get a cat to use a bed?

If you are in a doubt whether: “My Cat will not use its bed!”


Even if you have paid a great attention to all these rules and know your cat buddy better than any human being, it is still possible that your feline friend will not sleep in his gorgeous new bed. No worries, it can be handled too. Cats are extremely sensitive to smells. Often they don’t come close to new things because the smell is unfamiliar and cat simply can’t be sure if it is safe enough to get inside. Our advice is to wash the new bed and put a favorite toy inside or on top of the pillow, to make if feel like home. If you know that your cat has an extremely sensitive nose, place his favorite blanket or jumper inside the bed to comfort him.


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Place the bed where the cat usually sleeps.


Place the bed where the cat usually sleeps. Where you place the bed is also important. Cats get used to their beloved spots, so don’t get them separated. Put a cat bed on the floor, near the fireplace hearth or wherever your cat likes to rest. Just give him comfort and he will give purr his love out to you and its new bed.

Every Feline has its own requirements to the best cat bed and only you know them!


Every feline has its own requirements for the best cat bed and only you know them!

At the end of the day, you know your cat far better than anybody, and all we can do is just apply our experience and knowledge to your feedback and find the solution that will work for your very special beloved cat.


how to get a cat to use a cat bed by Tigga Towers


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