Why cats use toys?

Is catnip safe for our cats and kittens? All felines love to play and hunt and that’s a fact! Especially if your cat is an indoor cat then it’s even more important to stimulate those natural skills they have. In some cases its even been said outdoor cats are less likely to bring you home that little present if they have toys to play with. 


A fact that’s often missed is just leaving a toy lying around for weeks on end means it loses its appeal and smell. We always suggest especially with catnip to store in a sealed plastic bag as this keeps the catnip moist and fresh inside a toy.


When you get it out for them to play you then ‘crack’ the toy – In others words scrunch it around to make the aroma appear stronger and then pop it down and watch the fun begin. Once your cat has had fun and moves onto something else or goes for a cat nap we then suggest quietly popping the toy away until the next time.

So lets go beak to our question: "Is catnip safe for our cats and kittens? - Yes, for sure!"


cat toy


How often you should wash a Catnip Toy?

Some owners like to wash the toys – This does mean the effect of cat nip will wash away too over a period of time so a little cat nip sprayed into the bag will restore the smell and helps prolong the life and revive that much loved attraction.


The Tigga Towers Cat Toys use English organic catnip, which most cats’ love. There will always be the odd cat that’s not attracted to it but perhaps they prefer a toy that makes a noise when they play. If this is the case then the crinkle range is perfect too. Please note catnip should not be used with very young kittens - check with your vet for suggested suitable age. 

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What type of Toy my Kitten or Cat would love?

The Tigga Tower toys come in a range of animals of all shapes and sizes. Try to work out if your cat likes to carry and wash their toys or bunny kick them. This will help with your selection when choosing a toy like a cuddly bear or the long snake, which is perfect for carrying around. The cat nip ball has a loop so can be attached (make sure whatever you use to attach the ball to, the cat is not left unattended in case your cat was to get caught in it ). 


Vary your toys – Have a selection and replace old favorites every so often. This way you will have a contented and happy cat who knows whenever you go to their special drawer or cupboard they know its play time. Some cats are so clever they learn how to tell you they want to play or even work out how to open the door or drawer and play themselves.

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Whatever type or style of kitten or cat toy you decide on always remember to let your cat be the boss. And never try to take it away whilst they are playing – They could mistake your fingers or hand for the toy without meaning too. And of course then can get so excited they chase you to get it back :O)


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