Hello, my name is Santos!


Well, my full name / title is RW SGC Somersisle Arabaca Santos and I am a young Maine Coon. You may or may not have seen me showing off on a recent episode of The Apprentice during a task that involved my owner’s business. Its not Somersisle’s first claim to fame as I am told my mother RW SGC Somersisle Syrah (posh title) has her own personal drawing by ‘Simons Cat’ creator as she used to walk around with him on a lead at a PATS trade show. He liked her so much he made a quick sketch on one of his mats just for her.


I suppose I had better introduce my human slave – Samantha Marsh (Sam to her friends) is the founder and director of a company called Tigga Towers. She blames me for this – well actually she blames my grandmother Lois and my 12-year-old friend Basher.


Having spent a reasonable amount on a nice tower for Basher & Co they managed after 6 months to pull it over and then once back up poor Basher fell though the hammock beds. (Don’t tell him but he does have a slight weight issue) Sam went in search of a better product. There was nothing on the market that fitted what us big guys needed. Maine Coons are the largest domestic breed after all.


Anyway Tigga Towers was born in 2009 launching a luxury modular Cat Tower system. With correct heights allowing me and other cats the chance to stretch and play on safely plus the added bonus of some great comfortable bed options – My personal favourite is the fabric platform bed. A new bedding and toy range followed in specialised fabric just for cats. It’s a small family business so personal service is always available too.


The best bit is I and the rest of the gang here get to test everything so we approve things before anyone else gets to see them :O)


Anyway I was lucky enough to attend the National Pet Show in London in May 2015 and as Sam’s business was chosen to be part of the task selling high priced ticket items on The Apprentice on BBC naturally was I on hand to show them off and help the team.


Of course, I am such a nice big placid boy everyone loves me and wants to come say hello. There is nothing I like more than lots of head and chin rubs and I will purr for everyone.


My next appearance is the National Pet Show at the NEC in November but I will also be available for a chat with Sam and we both can talk (well I will purr and look good) about the experience and life as a Maine Coon with Tigga Towers.


Right, I must go and look good on my top bed before Basher gets in there for his nap.



In the mean time keep your eyes open for me and do come find me at

The National Pet Show

at the NEC Birmingham

on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th November.