Santos here – Yes I have recovered from my fabulous weekend at the National Pet Show. What a weekend it was too. I was allowed to meet the public but only after mum made sure I had had a bath and was smelling nice too!




Anyway, it was a really busy weekend as I had to pop up on the Cat Breed Stand and then a very nice lady called Tania Murray used me for a demo on the cat grooming talks. Apparently I was a really good boy even if mum had not made sure I looked my best. But sshhh don’t tell her or she might get upset :O)




The next stop was Tigga Towers of course – I spent some time lounging on the towers but of course like any good star you have to have a little cat nap – I think they caught me on camera too!



Sunday after a great night on the town at a local hotel (Nothing but the best as we had a family room with extra bed for me to relax on) I was asked to pop up on the Go Compare stand with my new found friend Tania and my handler Nikki – Oh did I not tell you mum had arranged for a handler to look after my every need. I have purred and told mum she can come again as she gives great cat massages and even allowed me to check out the catnip stand. I was even allowed as you see from the video to pick my personal favourite – The Duck!



So after a bit of posing and purring with Go Compare the weekend was over and it was time to pack up and head home. I met lots of very nice people and purred a lot too – with the odd head butt of course.




I am not sure when mum will let me out again – Apparently I need a little holiday but keep your eyes open as I will of course be appearing at the National Pet Show in London in May 2016 – I might even try to see if I can get my friend Scott from the Apprentice to come see me – Who knows?