Hello everyone,


Santos reporting for duty! I hope you have done your research on the best Christmas gifts for cats.


If not then as chief product tester for Tigga Towers let me help you with a bit of inside purrfect info guaranteed to keep your cat happy this Christmas.


The Tigga Team has been working hard to create a limited edition festive toy that not only looks festive but also keeps me and other cats purring this Christmas. The result is the Christmas Penguin – Boy did I purr when testing this one and then after some heavy bunny kicking to make lots of noise I was able to rest my head on it and have a little cat nap.


The penguin is great – Mum likes it as its festive and I like it because it not only has that crinkle stuff in it but also a large dose of my favourite flavour of cat nip too!


Anyway last week I heard my mum excitedly telling everyone that the toy designed by the hired help – Lizanne Shew – (ssh don’t tell her I said that as really she is the product designer and we don’t want to upset her do we!) was awarded the Number 1 spot on www.underthechristmastree.co.uk Lets just say the Tigga Team is delighted and so am I because that means more Penguins for me too – purrrr


Anyway I have it on good authority the next order of Penguins (yes they sold out in 7 days) arrives today and I have promised Mum I will not break into the box and steal any – I did meow that I can not control Mokala & Co though!


So if you want to get your paws on one then don’t leave it too late and get your order in now at www.tiggatowers.com


Oh and if that’s not all then No 5 on the product list was a Tiny Tigga Cat Scratching tower – Now mum loves this tower as it fits neatly in the corner and I love it as its by the fire too – Mind you Mokala keeps stealing my place so I am working on mum by exercising my claws on the other side of the carpet by the fire in the hope she will provide me with another one. It’s a great cat tower as its neat and small with a nice heavy granite base – I tried to knock it over but did not mange it. There is only one bed as its not expandable but it fits neatly in my favourite spot and I can relax on the bed and have a cat nap whilst swatting anyone who dares to try to join me. Basher who is 12 loves it because its not too high either and he is a little over weight too. Mum says the tower does not break the bank either as its RRP is under £250 too. Same quality but a simpler version and I have tried to destroy it believe me. Oh and don’t tell anyone but the new beds in the range that have just launched – My favourite is the Cat Cave – Mokala cant sit on top and squash me so I get some peace in there and its so soft.


So as you can see us Tigga Tower product testers have given several products the seal of approval and the Perfect Gift for your Pets Website this Christmas have also done the same with not just one but two awards.


Right I must go as all this writing has made me hungry – Enjoy your Christmas shopping for your feline friends.


That’s all for now.