Hello its Santos here – My slave has allowed me the chance to write a little about love and cats. As a certain Valentines Day is soon upon us I thought I would dedicate this blog to my good friend Basher.


Basher went to Rainbow Ridge on Tuesday 5th Jan. He had hardly ever had a sick day. He was the old boy (Grandad) and I remember him well as he always looked after us all and made sure we behaved here at TT HQ. Of course he was here long before I arrived and I know mum is very upset he is gone. He waited for mum to come home to say good bye before he left us all.  Mum was worried he had been alone but we were all there with him and we made sure mum came to find us all as soon as she was home. It was fast and peaceful and we are all giving mum and dad lots of cuddles and purrs to make them smile again. So you could say we are sharing the love here at Tigga Towers HQ


You may have read one of my earlier blogs about how the cat towers came about – Basher was the one who pulled the ceiling down in their flat 9 years ago. So not only does he take the blame for making my mum and dad (John) fall head over heels with the Maine Coon breed he was also instrumental in the concept of Tigga Towers. In fact, I blame him for it all – In the nicest possible way of course. He was of course chief product tester too.


Basher was always a big boy – Bigger than me so if something was to get in his way it usually ended up on the floor – That included us too. We learnt how to avoid him when he came charging in for his treat. He always got there first and was last to leave – just in case a crumb or two was left. Mum says he was love at first sight for dad (John) He was Johns cat. Well he was unless he had something hanging off his fur or had a fur ball – I never knew how he managed to have such large fur balls – It will take me years to build one up like that – he was the king of fur balls – Mum always said his fur made him look like he had been plugged into an electric socket. I was a bit jealous as he always had so much coat but then mum had to bath and clip him all the time. He seems to love this attention unlike me – I don’t mind for a few mins then I get bored.


Basher was one of kind – there are many secrets I could tell you about him but we have the Maine Coon code – What goes on in MC lives when the humans are out stays there. So those secrets go with Basher to heaven. I know he will be watching down on us all and make sure we behave. That Slammer (The new American boy) will need someone to keep him in line – I think it will be Belle – She’s missing Bash too at the moment and her paw really hurts if we get a slap for being teenagers – Well she is the oldie now at 6!


We do love each other very much and we know mum and dad will smile again more – especially if we keep up our Maine Coon antics and purr lots. Even the odd extra head butt might not go amiss.


So if Basher had never arrived here then Tigga Towers would never have been born and life – well who knows what would have been.


Mum and Dad said they would not change it for the world and they thank Basher for the 11.5 years of love, laughter and smiles that he brought to us all here. I think I heard them talking about a Tigga something or other named in his memory – I guess we will have to wait and see what that may be.


Its quieter here without Basher but he taught us all here what True Cat Love is…. So this Valentines day – Love your Cat and make them Purr in happiness where ever you are.

There are lots of special valentine’s cat gifts out there for your feline friend. So go on spoil them this Valentines. Mum and Dad have said they will plant a tree this spring in Bashers memory.


Share the Love with your feline friend – Valentines Day - 14th February 2016

From Santos & Tigga with Love x


This blog was written in memory - Our sweetest gentlest boy - Budletts Prince Bashir 2004 – 2014. To us all simple the one and only Basher x