Every month Tigga Towers will write a short article on a selected best pet product of the month. This will give customers more insight into why or how our products come about at TT HQ and how they then come to market. We encourage feedback and reviews on our products so please feel free to post your comments, views and ideas. 


At Tigga Towers we strive to produce the highest quality products we can and your feedback is important to help us improve our products and innovate new ones.  Constructive criticism is always welcome – without it we cannot improve or innovate. We hope you enjoy reading the insights into some of our most popular beds, toys and towers. 


Product of the Month March 2016

Product: Pet Blanket


Specification: Two Sizes – Large 70 x 100cm and XL 100 x 153cm

Price: £29 & £49

Colours: Various 

The Pet Blanket was first launched as a Throw at the Supreme Cat Show 2014. The name was changed to Pet Blanket in Spring 2015 as we realised how much more versatile this design was. The idea was to provide useful  super soft cat beds in our soft non-looped fabric that could be taken and used in many different situations. It was more versatile than we first realised as a number of dog owners have taken to using them to cover up or protect an area.  This fancy cat bed blanket also allows cat breeds with little or no coat to keep warm in the cold winter months. They also provide comfort and reassurance for a sick animal and are great for animals who like to snooze under a covering. For example, a sphynx has oils that can stain beds or lighter colours – this blanket absorbs the oils and is easily washable time after time. It is also available in the darker colours.



The Pet blanket is double sided so both sides are made of our fabric and it does not matter which way up you use it. The stitching gives a subtle patch work design feel – the reason being when we back tagged a version we found the two sides of fabric moved and did not give a great feel or look. Once the cross pattern stitching was added it was perfect. Washing was easy and nothing catches in the machine. 


Two sizes were selected – some say because the humans wanted a XL version. Well partly: O)

The large size fits most carriers, a sofa/chair, the end of a bed plus of course any other area where your pet likes to sleep. Some owners use it to wipe off excess water and muddy paws when cats or small dogs come in from outside. Show cats also can have them in their pens and of course owners wrap the large blanket around cold animals like a Sphynx when out and about. 




We even have some vets using them with heat pads for extra warmth and security.

Many breeders add the large size to their nesting box to give extra warmth for new born kittens. As the fabric is non looped kittens do not get their claws caught like they would using old towels. If you visit a TICA show you will often see a sturdy pen covered one end in a pet blanket so the cats are feeling safe and warm too!

The extra large version is, well, simply bigger. Its human sized and is the perfect protection for your furniture (and if youre house proud it looks great too!).  On the colder winter nights, I can often be found with the XL version wrapped around me and as its the fabric my lot love they of course descend on me to either snuggle up on my lap – or try to get underneath. Also this blanket is a perfect choice for those who are looking for cat beds for large cats.




Both blankets have become one of the most popular new ranges in 2015. Priced at £29 and £49 they are not the cheapest blankets out there but they are perfectly sized and wash and wash and wash – they do not lose that soft feel and your pet will continue to adore curling up with you or underneath it. Although our care label says do not tumble dry – we have done so on a very LOW heat.  Or pop it in the airing cupboard – this brings back the soft and fluffy feeling after washing. (The "do not tumble dry" is due to the cotton stitching we use – if you wash or dry too hot then it would shrink and misshape the bed).



Best of all it looks good and acts as protection for your beds, sofas and chairs. If you can think of any other uses, please do let us know. 


For now the team says stay warm and cozy!