Photo Shoot 2016 - I am famous, well almost!


So on Thursday 4th February myself and Cuwahara were packed up in our carriers. Apparently a well-known photographer was coming to meet us at Uncle Nick and Auntie Portia’s new home – a converted Barn. I did ask if they had rats but was told no!


I was however told we must both behave as they wanted us to do some posing on towers and in beds. Also some strange other cats were coming too! No chasing mum said - Of course I listened - Cuwarhara did too. 




It was an early start in the van and the trip down was not too successful. Mum had to take a back route due to an accident but Cuvy is not too partial to those roads and mum had to pull over and rescue him from his carrier after accidents from both ends. We shall not say any more except he really does smell bad. Poor Cuvy – I of course was an angel. Mum was not in the best of moods when Lizanne arrived to be collected and found her in the van with Cuvy running around whilst she did her best to clean up. I think we travelled with the windows down for at least 30 mins before the smell went away. Lizanne said the air was blue from mum voicing her words on cats and back roads. Me I just purred and kept quiet.




Anyway we arrived with lots of time so as we had been good for the rest of the trip we were allowed to check the place out – It was pretty cool as lots of beams to walk along and when my favourite toys came out the floor was perfect to slide along and pounce on. 


So we had some time to chill and then mum popped us in our carrier to watch whilst they set up for the shoot.


Then he arrived Rene was his name – He was nice and we liked him. Especially as every time we were good we got a little treat. Cuvy was at home straight away and posed on the tower whilst I checked things out. Then my turn and we had some fun playing up and down on the tower together too. I am told we got some good shots but then we had to go and have a rest. I spotted some funny little things arriving. I thought I heard the words pumpkin and pie so wondered if we might be getting some treats. 




Mum left a small gap in our pen and I was able to keep eye on those cats that arrived and came to show us up. They were tiny and racing around all over the place. I noticed their blue eyes. Cuwahara was growling a little at them - He told me it was to make sure they did not get too close. We both decided to relax and watch them work.  Lizanne wanted the pretty girls for the photos and once they started to wear them selves out they were happy to pose for shots too. I found out later they are American Curls. I just hissed at one called Pie – What a strange name but she told me under her breadth to be quiet as she was a ‘princess’ and 3 x International Winner. I growled back she might be but at least I did what I was told. She muttered at me it only took one shot and at least she did not fall off things like I did. 



Anyway after an hour or two with those lunatics running around they were so tired they started to fall asleep on the job. Their mum and dad took them home as they had a 3-hour drive. Don't tell them but I saw a few of the photos and actually they were rather good at their job. 


Finally we were allowed out and off we went again for take two. It was my turn on the tower – I flexed my paw to show them all how big I was and when Rene said it’s a wrap I was very clever and found a gap behind the wardrobe to have a snooze. I did hear them all calling me but I am a Maine Coon and famous so I stayed snoozing whilst they cleared up. Apparently we left a lot of fur so the hoover had to come out.




I decided if I wanted to go home I had better wonder in to see them all. They were having a cup of tea with Cuwahara fast asleep on mum’s lap. That made me jealous so I popped up to sniff at Rene who still thinks I am funny.


Anyway it was the first time in 5 years Tigga Towers had done a photo shoot with cats – I can not wait to see all the results but I think mum has been allowed to attach a few snaps here for a sneaky preview. So enjoy us all.


In fact tell us your favourite one please so I can boast when you pick me – Mum has just added me as her screen saver too.



Well that’s about it for me and its back to doing what I do best. My next big appearance will be the National Pet Show at Excel in May – Unless of course I get an urgent request in between. As long as the ‘treat’ is right I will get out of bed for anything – well almost anything


Till the next time Purrs and Head Butts from me Santos (& Cuwahara)