Hello my name is Mason (that’s me in the photo) – I am a lovable boxer dog who lives with my human slave and Blaze (The Maine Coon). Now just in case you’re not sure I am rather lively and Blaze often puts me in my place. However, I do get the last laugh as unbeknown to him I steal his Tigga Towers beds.


It all started when I first arrived as a cute little puppy. Blaze had a rather nice round double doughnut from Tigga Towers Cozy Cat cushion range. I fitted perfectly so whilst he hissed and spit at me from his Tigga Tower I stole his bed each night. I also loved the catnip ball but don’t tell anyone: O).  Maybe they should call it dognip.

Mum said I would outgrow it fast but she thought I looked so adorable she let me to use it. 


Anyway as I got bigger, Mum (she actually works for Tigga Towers design team) decided she had better get to work on some larger beds suitable for dogs, as I wanted MY OWN LUXURY DOG BED and didn’t want to be Second Hand Rose to the cat. 



After all it wasn’t  fair that I did not have my own dog bed and had to keep stealing the cat’s bed. Can you just imagine the shame of it? What if the other dogs in the neighbourhood found out and teased me when I was out for walkies. I would never live it down. I can hear them now with their cries of “Cat Bed Boxer”. I would be a laughing stock. Luckily the next thing to arrive was the large deep cushion. A bit like a sofa cushion except I wasn’t allowed on the sofas – apparently I make them smell (seems odd to me as I thought I smelled like a fresh rose; well OK, maybe if a fresh rose smelled like a dog)! Anyway the deep cushion was oh so comfortable and I loved it but then I kept falling off as I was growing rather fast. So last Christmas under the tree was a very big and soft new bed. I was told I was special (I knew that already) as I was to be the official product tester on the new dog memory foam bed (with washable cover and waterproof inner lining).


Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know it was originally a cat bed filled with soft pieces of memory foam but it has been made the same way (only bigger) for us medium sized dogs. And there is more filling as us proper pets tend to be heavier (and NOT fat as the furball keeps telling me.


I love it as its nice and soft and once I settle down the foam moulds itself to my perfect doggy physique as it warms up. I did catch His Majesty on it the other night and chased him off  – I am not quite ready to share yet. Well, maybe one day soon. I don’t suppose he is all that bad really, for a cat.


Then came the Pet Blanket. GRRRRReeeeeaaaaat (OK, I know that was a tiger). A monster blanket that covered the whole sofa and finally allowed me to watch the TV in peace (Scooby Doo and Deputy Dawg obviously).



So the moral of this blog is to tell you that whilst Tigga Towers is known for its CAT towers and CAT beds the word on the street is they have launched their new dog bed range. Some of the original beds like the pillows and igloos with ears and the bed box are already firm favourites with some toy dog breeds (whatever they are supposed to be). Now it is official as the beds suitable for dogs can now be found on their own page. So check out new cute dog bed collection specially created by Tigga Towers.


Even better news – there will be a very special Tigga Tower on display soon combining a dog and cat tower/bed made out of beautiful oak (although I have my own special use for oak trees!).  And the dog bit is much larger than the cat bitI  Hah, look on with envy Tiddles.


Hmmm. I wonder if this is the first time something like this has been done? Guess if I want my owner to bring one home to test then I had better start sharing a little with Blaze first.


Apparently the team is also taking a stand at the Worlds Biggest Dog Show - Crufts. So if you want to check out the range and see the new beds just arriving then you simply have to come find the team. I am told I am not allowed to visit (which is just as well for the dogs who do go there as their major competitor – ME – is not in the running).


Owners are welcome and the shopping is some of the best in the world for dog and cat owners. They will be at the NEC from 10th – 13th March in Hall 5 stand No 156.