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Life with cats is great. But, until you’ve opened your door (and heart) to an American Curl, you can never truly understand how much you’ve been missing.


June 1981 in Lakewood, California, a black kitten with a long silky coat, large golden eyes and uniquely curled ears showed up on the doorstep of Joe and Grace Ruga.

Six months later ‘Shulamith’ delivered her first litter of four kittens, two had ears that curled like their mother. Selective breeding began in 1983. All true American Curl cats can trace their ancestry back to Shulamith.


American Curl Cat Breed



Facts about American Curl Breed

American Curls are a medium sized cat with a very obvious trait; they have curled ears! The ears curl backwards in a graceful arc giving them an alert, happy appearance. The ears aren’t the only unique trait; they have large walnut shaped eyes, which combined with their kitten like playful character throughout their life has earned them the nickname as the ‘Peter Pan’ of the cat world.  This is an elegant, well balanced breed that can come in both Longhair and Shorthair in all colours. The coat is soft and silky with minimal undercoat, consequently they require little grooming even in the Longhair variety.



American curl cat facts


They are a very healthy, long lived and robust breed. The gene responsible for causing the ear to curl is dominant and there are no health or physical differences in cats that have two copies of the gene as opposed to one. No health problems have been associated with the American Curl and they are widely accepted as one of the healthiest pedigree cat breeds.


American curl male & female cat facts: Females should be between 2.3 - 3.6kg (5 – 8lbs) and males 3.2 – 4.5kg (7 – 10lbs) although there will always be exceptions!


American Curl Cat Ears

There are varying degrees of curl and cats fall into various categories from ‘1st to 3rd degree depending on how the ears settle. It can take around 4 months from birth before the ears set in their final position. For this reason kittens are often not available until a minimum of 16 weeks, often older. Many Curls do carry for straight ear and you will occasionally get straight eared kittens in litters, these cats have the same beautiful type and temperament as their curly eared litter mates.


Cat with curled ears



American Curl Temperament and Behaviour

Curled ear cats have THE most amazing temperament and attitude, they enchant you. They instinctively know when you need a hug and are always on hand to just give you that little cuddle or gentle pat that is all you need to brighten up your day. A curl will sit with you, on you, behind you or wherever suits you; they haven’t realised they’re cats and think they’re a member of the family! They are extremely people focused and can form extremely strong bonds with their owners. Not a loud cat, they will “chat” to you and make little ‘chirrup’ noises in response to your own private conversations. They adapt easily to changes in the home, are good with other pets and settle well with children. They are active cats without being overly demanding, sleeping is fairly high up on their list of priorities.


American Curl Temperament and Behaviour



How the breeder story began

Our story started in 2006 after reading a copy of the TICA Trend and seeing a photo of a Curl……..After much research and deliberation, we imported our first American Curls into the UK in 2007. “Judge” & “Disney” arrived in Holland and spent 4 months in France with my parents before our day trip to pick them up. They both settled in so quickly and, within a week, it was as if they’d both always been here. Disney was our first show curl and achieved the top title of Supreme Grand Champion within just three shows! We subsequently bred from these two gorgeous curls and in October 2008 the very first litter of American Curl Longhairs were born here in the UK! We have had continued success on the show bench ever since, one girl in particular has become a very important part of our lives.


cute curled ear cats


LA SGC Overear Stormy Weather ‘Pie’ was born in December 2011 and never intended to leave. She has won every title possible within TICA, earning her Lifetime Achievement with three International Wins in a row. Most importantly though, Pie is our very much loved pet, she has never been part of the breeding programme, to say we worship the ground she walks on wouldn’t be an understatement! She vets all potential new owners before they are allowed to take any of the kittens, she trains the kittens in the art of the diva and she is also chief tester of any new Tigga Towers bed, toy or post that comes into the house.


Extremely beautiful cat with curled ears


Overear American Curls is the UK’s foundation cattery for American Curl cats and we occasionally have kittens available to pet homes.


To find out more about these wonderful cats, please visit us at www.americancurls.com or find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/OverearAmericanCurls