Tigga Towers Cat Pillow Range


These beds have been part of the cozy cushion range since 2010 and quickly became a bestseller as they are probably the most versatile and durable beds on the market at the moment. So how did this range of beds become one of the most popular options to cats and their owners?

When the team first began to design our range the obvious choices to start with were the flat pillows and of course the eternal favourite, round doughnuts. The flat pillows are a very simple design providing versatility for cat owners and of course comfort for cats in their favourite snooze spots.
The first decision was which shapes and sizes worked best for cats and their owners. The round and medium square, 50cm shape was an obvious choice as these beds are used on all the cat towers for the wicker baskets and oak beds. They also make a great pad for a dining room chair to help protect from unwanted fur deposits!

The progression to rectangular shapes seemed an obvious choice in two sizes that could be used in a variety of places and for different reasons. Equally at home as a movable bed on the floor in any room of the house or next to you on a sofa as a ‘throne’ for your pampered pet.

A key element in the design of the pillows was how to make them durable and still inviting wash after wash. To achieve this goal, the inner filling we use is a super soft wadding that washes up well time after time. Several prototypes were tested to achieve just the right amount of stitching to secure the wadding and keep the pillow shape. We are proud to say that even if washed heavily, the wadding does not move inside and leave that awful bunched up look that so many cheaper options do.

In 2013 adjustments were made to the inner seams and a double stitching method was introduced. This helped to further prolong the life span of beds when used by breeders, vets and catteries.

Originally the pillows were only produced in solid colours but with the introduction of a wider colour palette the design team decided to two tone all pillows. This gave owners of a tower even more flexibility with the option of two toning their tower or changing a colour scheme entirely. Once the blue and pink arrived early last year it also gave the large rectangle pillow a male and female element as well. A very popular choice when children are helping with the essential shopping for a new arrival!
The added bonus of its reversibility goes without saying – less washing…

Of course price is a very important factor in any bedding decision. With a price range of £18 - £25, the collection is perfect for those who want to try the non looped fabric and simple designs.

All in all, Tigga Towers now has a very versatile selection of flat pillows that will not break the bank and can be used for a variety of your pet’s needs.


The Range

The large rectangle pillow is very popular as a bed for carriers when an animal is heading to the vet – It’s also a great comfort used on a shelf in a cattery or a window sill – especially in those cold winter months. We have even seen them used in front of an open fireplace – Of course there is then the fight between dogs and cats as to who will get pride of place :O)


The extra-large rectangle pillow is quite simply bigger. More suitable for larger cat breeds, dogs and of course multi cat households too. It’s also widely used by breeders and some vets who love the feel and size for their larger pens helping to provide cushioned support without too much warmth or flex with for sick or injured animals.


Finally, after many requests we introduced the 60cm square pillow in white as a perfect show / breeding pad. Fitting ½ a double pen for shows and the perfect nest pad for an expectant girl, this pillow is a great option. The non-looped fabric means babies can not get claws trapped and the super soft feel keeps them nice and warm even when mum is taking a break from feeding.


So if you are tempted by the Tigga Towers cat bed range but don’t want to break the bank we suggest trying one of these pillows to start with. All priced under £25, not only are they washable, we can even suggest a ‘low’ heat tumble dryer for 10 mins to bring the fluff back into each pillow so they won’t be out of action for long.

We are sure you and your pet will not regret your decision!

For more information and reviews on these pillows please visit www.tiggatowers.com or check out the testimonial page.