Play, Drag or Drown

The Catnip Toy Collection was established pretty much when we launched. Which toy came first? The Catnip Mouse was our very first design and still one of our best-selling toys. It comes in our super-soft fabric with a cute design, including a long tail, with catnip that will drive any playful cat completely wild with excitement. This is the perfect play toy. We are excited to reveal new changes, but see if you can spot them first! 
The Catnip Snake arrived later and, oh boy, do cats like to drag this toy about! Its design was conceptualised around rope toys, which we know cats love to chase, and its lightness makes it easy for any cat to drag about. The only problem: where will it end up? Everywhere! 
One of our latest new editions to the ever-expanding toy range is, of course, the Crinkle Catnip Rabbit. You guessed it - crinkly body material with catnip in the head/ears, which cats grab and take off with. This toy often ends up drowning in the water bowl... The crinkling sound plus catnip aroma are almost impossible for those fur babies to resist. Whatever next?!