Meow – It’s Santos here giving my Catnip Christmas cat toy testing report for you all. Of course I hear from mum a few Xmas lists have already been completed by our well trained cat slaves. However I know many of you owners can be a little slow on your poor feline’s requirements. So Santos to the rescue, in case you’re wondering which toy to go for.



Of course as chief product tester I have been testing the Tigga Tower cat nip toys for the team alongside the old girl (Belle my grandmother) and Melly my cousin. The girls don't give it the real kicking that I do and Melly tends to talk to her one. Belle for some unknown reason drowns Mr G Man (Gingerbread man) – poor thing!


Mum gave us a few designs recently to test and here is my purrfect feedback to help you chose the right toy for your feline friend this festive season.


#1 Christmas Catnip Monkey

First off we had the catnip monkey arrive. Very frustrating creatures as they took over the office as you may have seen on social media. What's even more annoying is the hanging around in different places with their velcro arms. Of course, I have to then stretch to get hold of one but once I do I love giving him a good old kicking.



Christmas Catnip Monkey


He is larger than some of the other toys in the range but it does not matter as I think sometimes Belle drags him around by his leg or tail. I did see silly Melly fighting with her - over monkey as Belle tried to take him for herself and Melly decided she was going to hang on for dear life. We had our very first Tigga Tug of War which Belle tried to tell me she won. So this toy has been a hit with us all.


I think cousin Blaze was also caught testing one - However his mum was not so pleased as she was trying to take a photo of Monkey on a tea break. Whilst doing this Blaze slid his paw in and two photos later hey presto he got Monkey to give him a good kicking too.



The monkeys are popping up all over the place too with various photos and stories. Even a video from The National Pet Show with them all over Daryll's back and arms - don't worry us cats will keep them under control.



#2 Christmas Toy Gingerbread Man

The next cat nip toy to test was Ginger - The Gingerbread Man - He's very like the bear but has a fabulous burgundy scarf wrapped around his neck. Now he's more my pillow where I like to rest my head on him and inhale catnip aroma giving me a dozy catnip high - mmmm very comfortable and one of my favourite past times.

Christmas Gingerbread Man



Belle seems to like to move him around a lot. One minute he is upstairs with me in the bedroom, the next mum is cursing as she has nearly tripped up over Ginger in the lounge downstairs. I think Belle drags him by his scarf and then gives him a good kicking too. He's really cute mum says and I heard her say he has been nominated as one of the top products on the Pet Christmas List:


#3 Christmas Cat Nip Toy Ball

Finally the third toy in the range is the good old catnip ball in the limited edition burgundy and white. The ball mum is always giving to us to play fetch with. She likes to throw it up the stairs and watch the girls run after it and then come back with it in their mouth. They usually drop it at the top of the stairs and it bounces back down slowly. I am far too important for that but those silly girls seem to like this game up and down the stairs. No brains I think!




Christmas Tree Just for Cats 

Mum says she might make up a Christmas tree just for us lot with the balls and gingerbread men all over them - I meowed my approval on behalf of all of us - I will tell her to get her camera out too – It’s not going to stop us climbing the tree of course. She can hope our own tree might distract us for a while. Well we shall see on that note but keep your eyes peeled on our antics, as Christmas gets closer.


Anyway in the limited edition range that's the 3 toys launched in October. Of course if you prefer one of our other toys they are just as good of course. I am partial to a little catnip and crinkle so hoping I might get a crinkle rabbit in my cat stocking this year too. They are really good as when I kill them they make lots of noise too. One of Belle’s favourite other toys is the snake or fish bone - Both she carries around with her talking - I have not told mum what's she saying of course. That's a Maine Coon secret.



christmas presents for cats


So whether your feline friend is into cat nip, cuddles, kicking, dragging, washing or simply adoring their toy then I can confirm the TT team have my seal of approval. In fact all three of us approve of each of these toys and would be hard pushed to say which one is best. From one cat to another I say if in doubt remember what your cat likes to do. Me I like to really kick my toys - the bigger and cuddlier the better. Belle & Melly both like to move their toys around although Belle can be found stealing my Gingerbread Man to rest her head on too.



cat christmas gift ideas


Whatever your choice your cat will reward you with plenty of fun and antics whilst they enjoy opening it over Xmas.

Oh and one tip mum gives everyone and does with us…


Once we finish playing she takes the toys and pops in a plastic bag and hides them. Then when it’s playtime she gets them out from her drawer. I am working on how to break into it for 2017 but have not managed that yet. The smell of the catnip is lovely and fresh and she cracks it as she gives us the toys - just like new again - Purrrrrr


gifts for cats


Ok I am off to give Belle a telling off - she's on my part of the tower again - when will she learn I am boss, not her. Actually, I pretend I am but one smack on my head and I go upstairs to the other tower - I am a good boy really!