Sunday 14th October, 11 am saw myself and Louisa ‘Go Live’. For the first time Tigga Towers launched their new products live!
The journey down to Louisa’s home was a good start to the day. The car was packed full of equipment and we started on our road trip across  Ashdown Forest early on Sunday morning. I had allowed plenty of time but someone forgot to remind me to allow time for free ranging cows, horses and a couple of sheep too! Yes, we had to stop and wait whist the animals slowly made their way across the road. One stopped to glare at me for a while as if to say ‘how dare you disturb my Sunday morning breakfast’. After that small delay, we then followed a tractor for the rest of the journey and in true country road style there was no room for overtaking! Finally, we turned up on Louisa’s doorstep bursting for a tea and coffee.  
Cow in road
Louisa’s lounge was all spruced up, the tower bedding had been washed, furniture re-arranged and items such as cat themed books were cleverly placed to be in view during filming (attention to detail is everything I was politely informed). After proudly showing us the room, we set up the camera and realised we had to break the news to Louisa that the lighting was too dark in that area of the room. She took it well (I’m sure she was slightly cursing inside). Ten minutes later and a totally re-arranged lounge, the camera lady (AKA Josie) was happy.
Lettuce, Hamish and Jasper on a Tigga Tower
With cups of tea beside us and camera ladies in place we started the live video on time with dual filming on Facebook and Instagram. Louisa was slightly concerned as her beautifully groomed Maine Coons Hamish, Lettuce and Jasper were nowhere to be seen. Little did we know that Hamish was staring intently at the camera from underneath the sofa as we began filming – almost like he was waiting for his cue! Jasper was the more reserved of the two kittens watching from the hallway during most of the filming. However, one Jingle Gerry later Josie heard the bells and spotted him bunny kicking Jingle Gerry in the hallway out of shot (she quietly panned on to him as you will see in the video at the end of the blog).
Lettuce made her grand appearance when our new Tower in a Box was revealed! She showed off the product beautifully clearly demonstrating its sturdy and quality build as she jumped into the wicker basket. Overall, the cats were superstars and we could not have asked for better models although I suspect their appearance fees might be a little higher next time!
Lettuce on TIB
The show went pretty much according to plan expect for a couple of minor glitches. Those watching on Facebook might have noticed a quick topple and recovery as Josie tripped over the tripod and sent it flying. She was quick enough to catch it and only the most observant would have noticed (I was not one of those as I was too busy chatting away).
Picture during Facebook Live
After around 50 minutes on screen chatting away with everyone and debuting all the products we called it ‘a wrap’. A big thank you to everyone who joined us – it makes the event a lot more fun being able to interact with you all as you comment on it live!
The new product launch created much excitement. Since the video, our first ever Tower In a Box (TIB) has been a hit with its modern, compact and sturdy design all neatly fitting into a box for under £200. With an 18 month guarantee people have been snapping this product up and we have already been sent our first photos of happy kitty cat customers. 
Darcey in Tower In a Box
We cannot forget the new Piccolo Tigga - our first horizontal cat scratcher with solid oak ends and our award winning roped pole. Providing the purrfect solution for those problem areas in your home (meaning your carpet is left in peace) it has done equally as well as TIB and we have had lots of great feedback!
 Cat using Piccolo Tigga Floor Scratcher
From towers to beds... a lot of people have requested our new Star Studded (quite literally) Large Memory Foam Pillow. It has fitted the perfect size gap between our already existing Medium and XL Memory Foam Pillows. This gorgeous bed in our super soft fabric has been a hit with both our canine and feline friends!
Frankie on Large Memory Foam Pillow with Star
Finally, we have Jingle Gerry, our first ever catnip toy WITH a bell. Not any old bell we hasten to add either. Jingle Gerry made it’s squeaky (excuse the pun!) debut with our model cats Hamish, Lettuce and Jasper on screen.
A massive hit from word go. Already we have we been sent lots of footage of many beautiful kitty cats playing with Jingle Gerry and it has even been featured by both Ruth Crilly’s (fashion model, writer and beauty insider) gorgeous cat Mr Bear and Louise Pentland’s (blogger, author and YouTube personality) kitty cats: Rocket, Orbit and Milky (watch video below). 
We hope you enjoyed our first ever live product launch! If you missed it, take a look...
We are looking forward to several upcoming events which will have live feeds on our social media channels so make sure you are following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
The next live video will be a very special broadcast just before Black Friday (Thursday 22ndNovember). We will be in Sam’s home (of course with her three gorgeous Maine Coons: Santos, Belle and Melly) so join us for a cheeky cup of tea with exclusive early access to our Black Friday offers.
If you have any suggestions for what you would like us to film as a live video - let us know in the comments below! 
Until then keep your eyes peeled as you never know what we will be up to ;)
Sam x