House cats often have a jolly good life with food available on demand, comfy environment, and no adverse factors. House cats, as a rule, enjoy longer lifespan than their street counterparts, as they do not have to face everyday threats from road traffic, sundry diseases, and other animal species. But did you know that they do have specific needs that need to be satisfied so that they live a long, healthy, and happy life?




House cats and kittens will still be looking for a vent as they have instincts urging them to crouch, hunt, and scratch objects and other creatures. If you as their owner forbid them do that, they will turn sad, gain excess weight, and even depression.


With a bit of planning and imagination, you shall be able to shield your pet from such prospects and make the home atmosphere cat-friendly. Fancy a bit of inspiration? Keep reading to find out Tigga Towers' tips for keeping your cat active and happy.



• Keeping your cat agile is not such a great challenge after all: with a modicum of imagination, you will manage to use common everyday items in a way you could not have imagined!


• Bring open spaces into the interior: ensure that your cat can access at least several pots with grass and catmint. A perfect place to situate those is a sunny windowsill. Cats enjoy chewing grass which may benefit their well-being. Make sure, however, that all of the plants that can be accessed by your feline friend are not toxic for him or her. Place bird feeders nearer to the window so that your cat can sit there and observe them.




• An orchard indoors: if the space is sufficient, you can arrange an open orchard inside your home, a space that would be escape-proof, with shelves suspended high above you, branches, levels, and rods to climb and scratch against.


• Indoor activity: you should always ensure that your cat has a scratching post at its disposal inside the house; otherwise, you will be putting your furniture and curtains in peril. Moving toys or toys which your cat can move are always popular. One such suitable toy may be a helium balloon with a small toy attached to it that will turn self-propelling as the cat drags or taps it with its paw. Laser pointers, tiny red dots, may be aimed at all of the quiet nooks and coves and alcoves and cracks and are perfect hunting targets. You should just take measures to prevent laser rays hitting your cat's retina at point blank. You will also find revolving toys a very useful option, regular introduction of such new toys will keep your cat interested for as long as it is possible. You may try hiding dainties from your pet, urging it to spend its day searching for the hidden goodies or, if you are about to leave for work, try using a new toy which would eject a delicacy whenever your cat attacks and hits the toy. A fishing game is also a popular option for feline pastime and one that can be easily organised: you need only fill a small bowl or a wash-basin with water, fill it with floating objects such as miscellaneous corks or ping pong balls and the kitten will be ‘fishing’ them out of the watery environment.




• Make your home cat-friendly by making it more natural environment for your cat: place horsecloth and pillows on reliably fixed shelves. Cats like to maintain a ‘supervisory’ position and observe the vicinity from up above, maintaining vantage points as they seem to ‘hover’ above everyone else. You can always find passages, ladders, and 'trees' for house cats in pet shops or engineer something similar by yourselves.




Feed your cat twice a day: this will help you split the day into two parts. Meantime, hide some dry cat feedstuffs inside your house or near it, creating an incentive for your cat to search for it.


As you observe your cat and its behaviour, you shall manage to find inspiration of your own kind and introduce plenty of useful changes. Your imagination is your only limit!


If your house cat sleeps for most of the time, this is most probably caused not by fatigue or slothfulness but mere boredom. An idle cat is prone to obesity which may be detrimental to its health and make it more vulnerable to diseases.



So do interact with your cat: play, have fun, hug it and it will love you for all of what you do.


P.S. Take a look at these pictures (sent to us by our lovely customers) of their very happy cats...