So it's been a couple of months since Tigga Towers lost its designer and our father. We would first like to put into words how humbled and comforted the family found the tributes both public and private. So on behalf of the Marsh family thank you all. A few private photos are shown in this piece as it was a fitting tribute to see the replica miniature Tigga towers also made by our father Simon used in a simple floral tribute along with some of his original tools. An oak tower was also on display as his last work before going on its way to its new owners.

Life of course continues and whilst the loss will never leave us, we are taking baby steps towards the new season and some exciting designs that will launch from September onwards. The first in the cat tower range is a stunning oak box for cats and kittens to snooze and play in. This is known as Simon's Box. Keep your eyes open as this limited edition and will be a one time production. As a legacy to our father, 50% of all sales will go towards our chosen charity Sarcoma Research at the Royal Marsden. There will be a number of events over the coming year, as we continue to raise funds for this terrible illness.

As for the TT team it's been an interesting few months indeed. My first few months have been taken up with a massive move to a new home after 16 years in Byfleet. I begin a new journey in Reigate closer to our unit and workshops. With me, travelled just 3 of the gang as I decided a step back from breeding and showing Maine Coons was needed. Sometimes in life the journey needs to adapt and new paths need to be found. So Santos, Belle and Melly travelled with me to their new home. They have not quite forgiven me yet but their favourite Tigga tower has been installed and they have taken up their resident cat napping spots. They were all born and bred at Somersisle so the move has been more stressful than for some. Despite the fact they all travelled to shows and stayed in hotels at various times. This of course is not a hotel so they are realising slowly there's no going home and that this is home now. Of course the usual shutting in a room and quiet plus a plug in diffuser also helps. Although Santos seemed to feel fresh minced beef with 5% fat was the most relevant way to get him settled!

The move has also brought with it the usual mishmash of complications; with one being good old BT cutting the phone lines dead despite paying over £200 to secure this would not be the case. It has of course happened! This resulted in some poor customers rather worried they would not get their orders etc. Hopefully the issue is slowly being resolved and a new number will be issued in the coming weeks. As for Internet access - who knows but we keep working on it and we will be up and running in full by the middle of August.

So you may wonder what the team will be up too. Of course we will be enjoying a summer planning and photo shoots. However for the first time we will officially close the office for orders and dispatches at the end of August. This is due to the family travelling to our father's home of Bermuda to grant one final wish - to scatter his ashes. Ironically we never all made the island together for a family holiday but we will however be together for this last wish. Orders will not be dispatched during this period and we ask you for your patience and understanding.

However, from 12th September we will be back in full swing again. Bringing with us a brand new range of beds and toys. The odd surprise worked on by our designer Lizanne will also be featured heavily too.

So for now this blog brings you up to date with me and the last couple of months. It's been tough and interesting. There have been tears and smiles along the way and we know there will be more. However Tigga Towers is still here and we look forward to bringing more smiles to you our customers and friends. So for now sit back and watch this space for the next instalment in the TT journey.

Santos will be back soon - once he's finished sulking of course.