Do you love your cat? Of course you do!


For many, their feline friend is their child. Cats give unconditional love that is both complex and simple all at the same time. My cats are my rock.


I love my cat

After 16 years I made some life-changing choices and moved away from family and home, to begin again. My feline friends were my constants throughout some of the most testing months I will ever experience. In many ways they are the children I will never have. The move and a new home brought many challenges. I wanted them to feel safe, secure and happy.


I did everything I could to show how I love my cats 🐾:

from buying the environment-calming plug-in diffusers to making sure they were shielded from the noise and hustle bustle on the day.  It’s the little things you do automatically that shows your cat or kitten how much you care about them. From selecting the correct food, a favourite treat or the perfect toy that keeps them entertained for hours.

gifts for cats

There’s nothing nicer than the reward -- a cat nuzzling up to your neck and purring in your ear. I can even forgive the 'hunt a toe' game under the duvet, as long as it’s not the middle of the night... And sitting on your chest, staring intently as you awaken, can be disconcerting. The soft pudding paws of my boy, Santos, just means he's pleased to see me and obviously wants food!  

tigga towers - made with love for cats

Even when out working and busy, if I spot a new pet shop or pet product I always pop in to make sure I’m not missing the next big thing for my gang. It might be a new water bowl, a fountain, or an innovative toy. Maybe they don't need it. But I have to be sure!  Beds and cat scratchers are always the hardest things to get right. You learn their favourite spots and heights. Do they like warmth primarily? Or, stretching out, hiding and curling up somewhere where it takes an age to find them! Times without number I’ve gone hunting, convinced one has escaped, Even though the door hasn’t been opened. Then, of course, they nonchalantly  stroll back in...  


So how do you know your cat loves you?

Coming home is always a pleasure as they rub their bodies around your legs, desperately trying to trip you up. Well, that's what we think, but actually it’s their way of marking their territory and saying they’re happy to see you.



how do you know your cat loves you

But woe betide you if you’ve been away a while. How dare you! The sulking begins. Especially my girls. I never knew a sulky cat would show you her backside for hours... But it doesn’t last. They creep, give you that partially forgiving look and expect a neck rub. Of course, there’s the food element. They act like they don't know where the next feed is coming from. If there was such a thing, I’m sure my lot would call pet-line and report me for being late each morning...  



loving cat

The little presents always make me smile. I’m sure you can relate to chasing a live mouse or bird around the house! They are so pleased with themselves and promptly deposit said present on floor, only for you to watch in horror as it scuttles away behind the heaviest piece of furniture in the house. Not dead yet! It's the cat’s way of giving you back some love. And no, I don't understand it at all...


One question I’ve been asked: can you make your cat love you?

Hmmm, I’m not so sure. Can you make a person fall in love with you? Cats are instinctive and know. In fact, they are great judges of character. A litter of kittens around for a family visit can always spot a cat lover.  I do actually vividly remember a visit from a family. The kittens hid for the entire time. The family left me probably thinking the kittens had never had any human company. Of course, I knew differently. The moment that door closed, they were bombing around like lunatics. The next family arrived an hour later. No such problems! That said everything to me. So no, I don't think you can make a cat love you.

can you make your cat love you

They are highly intelligent and in tune with feelings.  How many of you can attest to seeing someone who openly does not like cats  have said cat insist theirs is the lap they want to sit on!? It's as if they know how that person feels and will do anything to change their mind.  Another scenario is the cat that moves out of its home and simply accommodates itself next door! Frustrating and heartbreaking. There’s always a reason, but with cats it's never obvious.


 ...If you disagree and think you can make a cat love you, feel free to share your comments and thoughts! The more insight we have into these amazing animals, the happier our feline friends will be!  


With ❤ Sam of Tigga Towers