Why buy from Tigga Towers? The cost is significantly higher than well-known stores such as Pets At Home. So what is it that makes Tigga Towers products desired by every good cat owner?


When Tigga Towers formed in 2009 the production goal was simple: luxury products specifically for cats. We wanted to create timeless pieces of cat furniture that not only served a practical purpose, but also made owners proud to have them in their home. More like a statement that blended with the feel and style of your home. The luxury bedding range was an obvious progression from our modular cat towers as market research showed a distinct lack of cat beds specifically for felines. Our Cat Toys provide similar quality and uniqueness with a smaller spend, a chance for customers to test the brand without breaking the bank. Now, our Cosy Cushions are designed for both our canine and feline friends!






Quality, for the TT team, means no expense spared, from the utilisation of solid, raw materials such as oak or polished granite, right through to the individually stitched faces on the toy range launched in Spring 2017. Each set piece within the Cat Tower range is thought out, tested, and tested again before being launched. The use of full-grown willow gives strength and stability within our wicker basket range. Our oak is kilned, machined and hand-finished before the best Danish oil on the market is used to seal the item. Even the simple act of counter-sinking each screw gives the feeling of quality. Nothing gives our master craftsmen greater pleasure than a customer turning a base upside down and commenting on the uniformity of construction right down to the spacing, lines and finish.




When the Bedding Range was developed, quality prevailed with the removal of foam in the Round Doughnut, Cat Box and Cat Hideaway. Close behind came the addition of rods to prevent cats delighting in their ability to collapse a new igloo bed! The team then looked at ease of washing, hence the arrival of our removable rod system. Internal stitching means our beds can be washed time and again without bundles of wadding ending up in one corner, like so many cheaper beds.



Quality remains with our original neutral colour pallet but as market trends move, so do the Tigga Towers designers with fashion trends seeing the introduction of seasonal limited-edition colours. The Bedding Range also became seasonal from Spring 2017. For example, Caves, Igloos and Blankets used specifically in colder weather will be featured September – March, while the ever-popular Pads and Doughnuts feature heavily in the Spring/Summer period. 



New designs annually will have pet owners and their pampered pets watching for the next big trend. To complete the luxury brand feel in the Cozy Cushion Bedding Range, Tigga Towers has just added the new brand patch to its bedding range. This patch will be removable, but customers will see at a glance the Tigga Towers seal of quality approval.



Tigga Toys allow a smaller spend. The original Cat Nip range provided larger than average toys some eight years ago, simulating a variety of styles and weights to tempt even the fussiest feline. Today we have toys with Crinkle, Catnip and more recently, Hanging Toys with Velcro. Limited edition animals and colours create the ‘desire’ factor with Tigga fans, making sure their adored pussy does not miss out!





Customer care completes our commitment to quality. Email or phone call, we will always get back to you to happily discuss your requirements. Helping a frustrated customer with a stubborn feline not using a bed or tower is our speciality! Tigga Towers is determined to become the UK’s No1 supplier of luxury cat products.



Our slogan is: ‘If your pet had a voice, Tigga Towers is where it would shop!” We think it fits the bill perfectly.