Size – 15cm in length (not including arms/legs)

Price – £9.95


Introduced into the collection last year and sold out extremely quickly, the Catnip Monkey is back with a number of additional features for 2017.



Our new monkey remains in our super-soft non-looped fabric but is now a sweet and innocent sandstone colour! The addition of embroidered eyes retains the cheeky look he became known for in 2016. To keep your feline friend busy, a little extra organic catnip (only catnip flower and buds) has been added for more purrfect cat heaven. The strong aroma is guaranteed to drive your cat crazy and stimulate play!


tigga catnip monkey


Further improvements on the previous design include Velcro pads on both arms and legs, meaning that toys can be hung in many different positions for additional fun for your kitty! He could even give your cat that special monkey hug with lots of ‘Tigga’ love.


PRE-ORDER NOW for delivery after Easter – but be quick, these monkeys will fly off of the shelves!





From Tigga with Love xx