1 x 0.5m cat scratching post
1 x 0.75m cat scratching post
1 x round wicker basket
1 x fabric platform cat bed with cat hammock
1 x cat tower granite base 50 x 50cm or oak base 50cm x 60cm
£504 (see more)


The product of the month for January is one of our favourite cat scratching towers – the Tilly Tigga Cat Scratching Tower.


Introduced into the range in 2011, the Tilly Tigga was named after the family cat, a gorgeous Maine Coon.

 Tilly Tigga Cat Scratching Tower

The two sisal scratching posts of the Tilly Tigga are split by a fabric platform and hanging hammock, with a round wicker basket at the top of the post, perfect for an elevated sleeping position! Although, we also do a version with two fabric beds (instead of a basket).


With either a granite or oak base, you can choose from grey/white or sandstone/chocolate bedding and the platform can be created from either white, grey, sandstone or chocolate super soft, non-looped fabric – depending on your preference or décor!



The Tilly Tigga Cat Scratching Tower is part of the modular system which means that climbing trees can be extended and parts replaced/changed – giving your cat the chance to experience variety within one single scratching post. As standard the Tilly Tigga has a second hole and often this model is turned into a version of our Maxi Tigga!


Do you have a Tilly Tigga Cat Scratching Tower? We’d love to hear your thoughts on it and how your cat uses it?



With love from Tigga x