March’s product of the month is the popular Hooper Tigga Cat Hammock Tower that comprises our luxury fabric platform cat bed with a kitten hammock underneath and is completed with a special finishing disk.

Hooper Tigga Cat Hammock Tower 

This is a very popular cat climbing posts for one or two cats that can also be easily extended (with one scratching post and a wicker basket) to create our most popular tower the Tilly Tigga Tower:

tilly tigga tower

By extending your tower you give your cat the chance to experience variety within one single scratching post, plus you can also update the fabric too, watch this space for our New Spring 2017 colour collection launching later this month, guaranteed to give your tower an instant update! 


The Hooper can also be made using an Oak Tilly Bed to give a luxurious feel with the clean lines of oak:

oak cat bed


You can build your own Tigga Tower here!


The Hooper Tigga comprises:

  • 1 x 0.75 m cat scratching post
  • 1 x fabric platform cat bed with cat hammock
  • 1 x cat tower granite base - 50 cm x 50 cm or cat tower oak base 50 cm x 60 cm. (two holes for future extension)
  • 1 x cat tower finishing disk included.


Here are a selection of photos of our lovely customers' cats enjoying the Hooper Tigga Tower!

tigga towers 

Do you and your cat own a Hooper Tigga, what do you think of it? We’d love to see some pictures of your cat enjoying its Hooper hammock!


With love from Tigga x