Memory Foam Pillow for Cats or Dogs

Price – £29 (pillow £10 + cover £19)

Size – 65cm x 50cm (depth 5cm)

Spare covers for cat pillow available in Pink, Blue, Mint Green, Sandstone and Grey

Spare covers for dog pillow available in Pink, Blue, Mint Green, Sandstone and Grey



Large Memory Foam Pillow for Cats or Dogs

Price – £79 (pillow £34 + cover £45)

Size – 1m x 70cm (depth 10cm)

Spare Large covers for cat pillow available in Grey/Pink and Sandstone/Chocolate

Spare Large covers for dog pillow are also available in Grey/Pink and Sandstone/Chocolate


tigga towers memory foam pillow


The Memory Foam Pillow joined the Tigga Towers bedding range in spring 2015. When it first arrived it sold out within weeks and has gone from strength to strength. Originally the idea was to create the first memory foam bed specifically for cats. However, many smaller dogs have become fans of the bed and love the soft pieces and rooting to settle for a snooze.

The soft and unique memory foam bed is perfect for any cat but in particular will protect animals from damp and cold floors. The memory foam moulds to their shape as it warms, to allow them to lounge or curl up and sleep comfortably. Older cats absolutely love the additional support to soothe aching joints and young kittens enjoy the cosseting secure feel.


memory foam pillow for cats and dogs


One of the most popular features of this cushion is the specially designed waterproof inner case, perfect for protection against mishaps and spills. The outer case can also be removed for easy washing.



After the success of this pillow, spring 2017 sees the addition of new covers to help ease washing and your pet going on strike while a cover is being washed. It also means that you can refresh the look of your Memory Foam Cat Pillow and get even more use out of it. Perhaps you may wish to move the position or require a change of colour to blend in with your décor. The new spare covers are available in Pink, Blue and the brand new spring limited edition, Mint Green!


photo by Sharon Henley


Tracey Archer


photo by Rachel Beer‎


We can’t wait to receive your feedback on the new memory foam covers. Do you think they are a good idea? What colours will you get? Does your cat have a favourite colour? Let us know, we’d love to hear!


From Tigga with love…