Product of the Month: September 2017


With the cooler evenings drawing in, what better than to feature not one but all parts of our range that utilise the Stability Rod System introduced in 2016? 



 Igloos, Caves, Boxes and Tunnels have long been popular beds for cats and small dogs to curl up in. These beds cater for more sensitive pets, giving them a safe haven. An expectant Mom-to-be will feel warm and secure while mother nature takes its course. And older pets who want peace and quiet with warmth, love them. As do babies who love to play hide and seek before crashing out. These beds, in fact, are great for all ages and sizes! 


What makes the Tigga Towers pet bed range with rod stability system special? 

Over and over again we hear how fabulous beds are BUT, also, how certain pets (cats and dogs) delight in collapsing them! Some support systems are flimsy and often immovable for washing. In fact, we hear many stories of them snapping under the pressure of pets repeatedly landing on top of a bed. So the TT team went back to the drawing board and created a range of our most popular beds with plastic rod systems that withstand up to 10 kilos in weight, recover position and are removable for washing. For us, the perfect solution. 



The Bed Box (RRP £65) is the largest bed in our range, giving a box-like feel with smaller opening. It currently has four rods as a support system and requires turning inside out for removal / insertion. The updated version arrives in November 2017. A change means that only three rods are required and can be inserted from the outside – like erecting a tent. This bed is enclosed and larger, so suitable for more than one average sized cat or dog. Often, a Mum and her kittens use these beds in the early weeks. The TMF45 Medium Square Pillow provides an easy additional cushion for regular washing -- RRP £19. 



The Cave (RRP £39) is just that, with a single rod to hold the front open. It has a cone-like look, tapering down at the back. Smaller pets can curl up in the back or snooze while resting their chin on the front raised ledge. The base is padded and the tapering rod means that most pets are discouraged from trying to flatten this bed! Available in a variety of colours, it has fast become one of our top-selling winter beds.




The Igloo Bed (RRP £56) is a larger, more open design. Using three removable rods, this bed with the fun ears provides a ‘cuteness’ twist! A little different, it is a popular bed with both cats and dogs. We love the website video of our friend who quite simply refused to allow anyone to remove him from this bed at Crufts this year… 


The Tunnel Bed (RRP £39) launches officially in September 2017, for pets who love to sleep under the duvet. This bed has one single rod to open the front, while the top fabric is without support so that once your pet is inside, they can burrow back -- just as they would under sheets or a duvet. We recommend it for pets who specifically like to do this at home. It also provides the option for your pet to remain near the front, surveying all around them! This bed is large enough for cats and small dogs to share, or for one large adult, such as a Maine Coon. 



Whatever your cat, dog, kitten or puppy might like, there is something in our range. To help you decide, we do suggest reading our article on how to best select the right bed for your pet. Especially if you do not currently have these bed styles around the home. 


  Top Tips


1. You know your pet and how / where they like to take a nap, so follow your instinct. The Tigga Team is, of course, always happy to help! Any questions, feel free to contact us!

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