We introduced cat toys into the Tigga Towers range back in 2011. We all know that cats love to play and hunt and it’s important to stimulate these natural skills, especially if you have an indoor cat. So for this reason, we decided to create some specially designed toys, just for cats.

Our unique range of toys includes Catnip Kickers like the Snake (available in five natural colours) and Crinkle Cat Toys like the Rabbit (available in blue and sandstone). Both toys use organic, slow release catnip (only the catnip flower and buds) for impact, which most cats love.

The Catnip Snake is 50cm in length and perfect for kittens and cats that like to carry things around or enjoy a gentle tug of war!

We always suggest that when not being played with, our catnip toys should be sealed in a plastic bag to help keep the catnip fresh and moist. Most cats absolutely love catnip but there will always be the odd cat that’s not attracted to it but prefers a toy that makes a noise when they play and that’s where our Crinkle toys come in.

The Rabbit Crinkle cat toy is a larger than average toy with a great crinkle sound, perfect for bunny kicks, that will keep your cat entertained for hours and help to develop those natural hunting skills (which may also mean you receive less little gifts, if they enjoy playing/play hunting with their toys).


The Catnip Snake and the Crinkle Rabbit are made from Tigga Towers exclusive non-looped fabric, complementing our bedding and blanket collection. There is a toy for every cat depending on their preference, with new styles being added all the time (keep an eye out for Autumn ranges, launching later this year).


It is a great idea to vary the toys you give your cats. Have a selection of toys and replace old favourites every so often. This way you will have a contented and happy cat, who knows whenever you go to the drawer it is time to play!

And remember never take away your cats toy when they are playing – they could mistake your finger or a hand for a toy without meaning too!


Let us know whether your cat prefers catnip or crinkle toys? We’d love to know.

From Tigga with Love xx