Cats love to be outdoors, playing, stalking, sunbathing, flattening cat mint plants and enjoying all the fun and games that nature has to offer. The problem is there are dangers out there that come in many shapes and sizes, everything from traffic accidents to cat theft. Many cat owners are familiar with the midnight ‘treat tin’ shake while frantically searching the neighbours’ gardens in their pyjamas! Thankfully, as responsible cat owners, there are steps you can take that will help to keep your cats safe outdoors. This short article will demonstrate how you can cat proof your garden using cat enclosures to give you total peace of mind.



A. DIY or Expert Installation?

ProtectaPet® offers cat containment solutions which enable cats to explore the outdoors without exposure to the risks associated with ‘free-roaming’. We offer cat fence brackets, cat enclosures, cat runs and ‘catios’, which enable the cat owner to control the territory with the assurance of their cats’ safety. DIY Kits are available in our online shop and installation requires a moderate degree of technical expertise. Before ordering, watch our video tutorials to see if it is for you. For more complex gardens or if you don’t fancy a DIY project, our expert installation team can design bespoke solutions around cat owners’ needs and the layout of the garden. Cat enclosures can be built around mature trees, privet hedges and garden features such as sheds, arbours and conservatories.



B. What do I need for a DIY project?

1. Measure the height of your garden boundaries to determine the types of cat barrier required. You can order any combination of ProtectaPet® products to accommodate the different boundary types around your garden's periphery. Not sure what to order? Send us photographs of your garden for advice.

2. Calculate the length of your garden boundaries to determine which ProtectaPet® products you require: we can accommodate any height of wall or fence from or boundaries where there is no pre-existing fencing. We use freestanding fencing to section off parts of your garden or to put in front of privet hedging.

3. Account for garden features such as trees or sheds, which will require extra mesh and brackets.

4. We recommend ordering 10% surplus to requirements to ensure you have enough materials to complete the job. Place your order online or ring our team of experts on 01782 900117.



C. How do I book an installation?

Some complex gardens require specialist installation skills and mesh roof catios are also exclusively available through our installation service. Our installation team also undertake commercial cat containment projects for catteries, breeders, adoption centres and vets. To find out more, please ring us on 01782 900117 or email us on with the following information:
• Measurement around the edge of the garden boundary
• Type and height of existing garden boundary (including photographs of the whole garden)
• Details of features such as trees, sheds or conservatories
• Your full address including postcode
We will then undertake a pet and garden assessment in consultation with you. This will involve discussing you and your pets' requirements.



D. How much does it cost?

Our cat containment solutions are available to purchase for DIY enthusiasts in our online shop or customers have the choice to have them professionally fitted by the ProtectaPet® installation team, who travel the length and breadth of the UK. DIY cat fence barriers start at £139.99 for a 10m Kit while the average 30m perimeter garden costs £399.99. Professional installation starts at £1,000. Our product’s success has been based on a passionate commitment to intuitive design for pet owners, high specification UK engineering, intelligent innovation and outstanding service. We provide the best combination of quality and value for money. All our clients will have peace of mind that after the initial cost of the installation, their pet will be safer and future vet bills will be minimized.



E. Promotions Exclusive to Tigga Towers Supporters

Are you a cat breeder? We can provide you with pamphlets and referral rewards but – best of all – peace of mind that your kitten is going to a safe home. Are you a cat owner? If you would like any advice on cat containment, please call the ProtectaPet® cat containment experts on 01782 900117. ProtectaPet® are offering supporters of Tigga Towers 10% off the online shop and £50 off installations with discount code ‘tiggatowers’. Expires 31st August 2016.



Finally, sit back and enjoy!