Santos here reporting for duty. It's been a while but Mum's needed me to give her lots of nuzzles and Maine Coon cuddles plus we have moved home. Lots of news for you all. Infact so much, I am not too sure what to tell you about first. Melly tells me I need to start from the beginning. So here goes the coonie gossip from Somersisle. Oh Melly is my auntie - a torbie and white girl. She's a little older than me and thinks she can boss me around. Belle is her mother and my grandmother who's grumpy most of the time. It's just us 3 now which is nice as we have plenty of space and time for mum cuddles too.





In March Mum told me she wanted to move and had decided that there were too many of us for her to move. So the gang is much smaller now. My buddy Cuwahara lives with Nick, Portia and Bluebell. He took three days to settle and now owns the place. Typical teenager. I am now the boss and the only boy here with Belle and Melly. So I am working on keeping them in their place :-)


On the 11th July Mum packed us up and brought is to our new home in Reigate. I was not so impressed at first but actually it's not so bad. She put our Tigga Tower up to watch the wildlife from and she's told us all we will be allowed out to check out the wildlife soon enough. No roaming or coming home after dark still she says - little does she know my plans ;0)




The drive down was quite uneventful as we all had our own carriers and toys to keep us busy. Once we arrived Mum moved us upstairs to the spare room where I found our litter tray straight away. The girls were not so sure and remained in their carriers watching and listening to the strange noises etc.


In a little while we had all found our spots watching and listening intently. Mum came up with a friend and they sat and chatted. Of course I used the chance to show off my smooth moves and head butts.


We stayed in the room for a number of days even once the door was open. If we heard a noise we were not sure about we simply bolted back to our safe place. Apparently I was first to venture down stairs. The girls soon followed and over the coming days we all started to spend time downstairs checking things out. The Tower helps as we can watch the wildlife, the garden is wild and I can't wait to explore it but Mum says it needs some work first.




Still two weeks in, we are all happier and will sometimes plonk ourselves on the sofa with Mum. She's around quite a bit now which is nice. Sometimes she seems a little sad but we all know how to cheer her up and make her smile.


The office however, Mum says is taking far too long. Apparently BT cut us off and we have only just got connection back here at the new home. We have tried to help her by checking all the cabinets out for dust and stability. They are stacked really high so we love to jump up onto each level and there is enough room to stay and stretch out and have a little cat nap too. I did hear Mum saying she might put a Tower in the corner for us to keep an eye on Tigga Towers and watch out of the window too.


Anyway we are settling in. My favourite spot currently is either the bath as its cool or Mum's bed (when she's not noticed).



The last few nights it's been cooler and we have woken up around 3am. There's been some choice language as we don't seem to be popular with our little race track. It does include the top of the double bed. Last night she even dared to lock us out! But we soon head butted the door open. The landlord is not very good at hanging doors and the bedroom door is not a good enough fit to keep it closed with my 10 kilos of weight head butting it open!



Anyway that's our first few weeks news to keep you up to date. More news soon but for now I am off to purr in Mum's face. We might get fresh minced beef if she's feels sorry enough for me ;)