With Christmas fast-approaching, Santos the Maine Coon Cat has written his letter to Father Christmas and felt it was time to share it with his feline (and canine) friends! 



Dear Santa,


Now, I know I can be a troublesome Maine Coon teenage lad, but mummy says I’ve been very good this year and that you must come and visit me, Belle and Melly! She says I’ve got to let you know the favourites on my Christmas list as you’re very busy and have lots of requests from my fellow feline friends, plus a few canine buddies too…




As I’m such a big strapping lad, my absolute favourite bed on a cold winter’s evening is my extra-large Memory Foam Pillow in the new limited-edition colour. I get more than a little upset when mum goes and washes the cover so, if it’s not too presumptuous, I thought it might be good to ask for a spare? Why do I want two? Because it would be a little excessive to have three… Myself and grandmother Belle can then snuggle up for a catnap anytime.



 Mind you, Santa, I’ve a tendency to stretch out and make the most of this bed. It moulds to my shape with the heat, so after a hard day playing catch the catnip mouse, I can totally relax. Melly prefers the large version to curl up on, so she might like a new Black cover with the sweet, heart-shaped motif. All a bit too sissy for me though!



Melly and Belle both need new Caves to curl up in. Now that I can’t collapse them – and believe me, I’ve tried really hard! -- mummy says that they can have one each. Can I kindly request that Melly has a grey one and Belle a nice new black one with prawns on top, pretty please? 

  I promised mum that I’d stop bringing slugs and leaves in this winter -- as long as we can all have a new Catnip toy for Christmas. Nothing like a bit of bribery, although I prefer to call it negotiation! I’d like the mouse. I lost mine in the pond out back this summer. I mistakenly thought it would swim and that mum would spot it, but apparently it went ‘rotten’ and had to be thrown away. Belle loves her Gingerbread Catnip Man and Melly has Ball to play fetch with. They might even be in a Black Friday shopping special offer too! It will be good if mum can save some pennies. If so, we might even get fresh prawns for a treat next week! 



I suppose I’d better not be too greedy but, as chief product tester, I can assure you that any fussy feline / canine friends who’ve been deservingly good would love some of the offers@tiggatowers.com. Oh, and don’t forget, Santa, with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner I’ve heard on the ‘Meeow’ grapevine there’s even free shipping on orders! That should go down well with your reindeer! 

I promise to continue being the epitome of goodness. No more fur balls on mum’s rug. I promise not to head-butt mum with affection every time she sits down with a cuppa in her hand – it always gets a reaction, that! Oh, and I’ll make sure that Belle and Melly behave and follow the fur ball code – like muddy boots, leave them outside the back door! Melly also says she’ll stop climbing the tree and baiting next door’s barking dog. Okay, that’s quite enough saintliness from me!



With lots of purrs and head-butts of anticipation…


Love, Santos (Belle and Melly too!) x