Their Personalities - A Concise Description


Siamese cats, native to Thailand, are considered to be the most intelligent and inquisitive breed of cats. They are intellectually curious, unpredictable and jealous in their attitude. Siamese cats like to stay close to their owners and will tend to follow them anywhere the owner goes.


siamese cat personality and behavior 

Siamese Cats - The History of the Breed

Before they were introduced into Europe, the Siamese cat breed had been residing in their home country of Siam (Thailand) where this cat was a relic of sorts, revered in temples and considered to be a holy species thus protected by law. It was forbidden to export the Siamese cats out of the country.


As the legend relates, a Thai Princess had been accompanied by a Siamese cat at all times during her ablution in the river. A Princess would affix her rings on the cat’s tail for the time of her bathing rituals. Once upon a time, a cat lost a ring and, ever since that time, the princess has been tying additional little knots to secure her jewellery.


siamese kittens standards

As for the origin of the Siamese cats, there are plenty of hypotheses on this. Most likely, this breed evolved from Bengali wild cats. Siamese kittens arrived in Europe sometime in late 19th century. The first to import the cats was the British consul who received them as personal gifts from the King of Siam. Shortly afterwards, these cats were on display at an exhibition in London. In the early 20th century, the standard of Siamese cats were defined.


It is somewhat later that the Siamese breed reached America and other countries. At the present time, there exist circa 40 varieties of Siamese cat breeds, also including some monochromic varieties such as black, blue, lilac, brown, cream to name but a few.


Siamese Breed Standards

siamese cat breeds


  • Siamese cat size is of medium build with a shapely and muscular body. The neck is long and slim; the shoulders and the thoracic cage are located symmetrically to the hips.
  • The extremities are long and stately, the paws are oval and elegant.
  • The tail is very elongated and slim; the tip is of pointed shape.
  • The head is V-shaped, the nose is long and straight, the forehead is flat. The face is narrow, with a well-shaped chin.
  • The eyes are almond-shaped, blue or deep green in colour.
  • The ears are quite large in size, wider at the base, more pointed at the tips.
  • The fur is shor, shiny, and silky, firmly adhering to the body with no undercoat.
  • Siamese cat weight depends on cat sex: for males weigh from 10 to 15 pounds and for females weight between 8 and 12 pounds.


Siamese Cats Temperament

Siamese cats are considered to be one of the most intelligent and inquisitive as compared to similar pets. This breed variety is unpredictable and tends to be jealous. Siamese kittens like to accompany their owner at all times and will thus endeavor to follow them anywhere the owner is heading. This breed is very trainable and, if one puts in enough patience, one will be able to teach the cat a number of tricks.


siamese cat temperament


Siamese cats are playful, kind, and loyal. They require attention of their human slave, hence if you are unable to devote enough time to your pet, consider choosing another breed of cat. This piece of advice also pertains to those admiring peace and calmness at their households, as Siamese cats are hyper-energetic. Some owners even note that these pet cats behave more like dogs than like cats. The Siamese cat breed also likes to «chat» with their human, thus if you are usually annoyed by the loud voice of these cats, then again, try looking at another breed. Siamese cats are certainly not for everyone. If you, however, are in search of a loving feline always attracting your attention with its mobile lifestyle, then this cat breed is exactly what you are looking for. As part of the family, the Siamese will only show their best qualities, as there are plenty of people and not enough time for each one to spend an entire day with a pet. As far as their relations with other types of pets—for instance, pet dogs—the success will, of course, depend upon both the particular character of the dog and the particular character of the Siamese.


Siamese cat care

siamese cat care


A Siamese cat is a shorthair, and so require minimum amount of care. You can comb them out with your hand or a mitten—With your hand just put some water on your palm and comb head to tail. All the fur that comes out will stay on your palm. Additionally, a Siamese cat should be bathed periodically; her ears should be cleaned and her teeth can also be brushed. Your pet should be accustomed to these procedures as early as possible, given that this breed like others can experience dental problems later in life. A good diet is also helpful in this area.


Tigga Towers cat products of course are well loved by this breed. Siamese love to be woman and curl up. Many can be found in or under a cover so the Pet Blankets and Tunnels or Cat Cave are beds we always suggest as favourites in the winter months. A this breed is agile and loves height our taller cat towers are also popular and as for toys - any thing they can toss around that is light and moves will keep this breed entertained for hours. As you can see from the many photos in this blog our pinks and greys compliment this stunning breed.