Today is International Women’s Day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. We thought it would be appropriate to interview the founders of  Tigga Towers – Sam Marsh and Lizanne Shew who are not only strong women but also sisters, to find out a bit more about these wonderful women who make the Tigga Towers’ magic possible…



Have you always been close as sisters?


Sam: We became close after we both had left school. During younger years I was off playing tennis and as one of 7 children and the oldest, Lizanne tended to hang out with Fiona one of our other sisters who was 18 months younger so closer in age.


Lizanne: We have always been a close family, me and Sam became even closer as I reached 18/19 years of age when our circle of friends and job roles changed.




How did you come to work together on Tigga Towers?


Sam: The company started in 2009. I did the big sister thing and asked for her help at the odd events. She then joined me after some sisterly pressure part time. Finally, she could not resist the lure and went full time in the company nearly 6 years ago now.


Lizanne: I had worked in retail since I left college, I began to help at some of the Trade shows and large Pet shows in the early days of Tigga Towers. My experience in retail became valuable when moving industries, I could use my knowledge and experiences in many ways as well as my creative skills from studying Art and photography.


What do you enjoy most about working together?


Sam: It just works. Sure we have our moments but generally we know each others strengths and weaknesses so it tends to gel really well. We also have the ability to spend time together as family too and still find something to talk about.


Lizanne: I am very lucky to work in an industry I love as well as working with my sister who is also my best friend. We work together well as we know each others strengths and weaknesses, no two days are the same. I enjoy sharing these experiences and learning from one another.




How do you split your roles?


Sam: Goodness that’s a hard one, as we seem to split and then get dragged all over the place. Generally Lizanne is our designer and organiser. Her attention to detail is second to none – me I don’t have the patience for the details so we complement each other. I will talk to anyone – she often has to rein me in when I get a little over enthusiastic on a new concept or idea.


Lizanne: I think because we know each other’s strength and weaknesses our job roles are much easier to divide. Sam likes to focus on the creative things, organisation and networking. I enjoy the design, day to day running and attention to detail.  


Do you ever have disagreements? If so how do you resolve them?


Sam: Sure, we have our moments – the good old time of the month when often I can tell with her before she knows herself and vice versa!! When we do disagree or argue it’s heated and then we just get on with task in hand. Within an hour or so it is forgotten and we are off having a cuppa!


Lizanne: We have very few disagreements generally and ultimately our goal is the same to have a successful business, however if we do disagree because we are very different in character we can express our differences and resolve quickly with new ideas and solutions.



What do you respect most about each other as sisters/women?


Sam: Her attention to detail and artistic talents are brilliant. She does not know herself how good she is. She is never complacent and always great with customers no matter what the problem. As a sister, she’s a good listener and will not judge. She is kind, caring and has a heart of gold but it takes time to get to know her. Best of all she is my sister and best friend rolled into one and she totally knows me inside out :O)


Lizanne: I have a huge amount of respect for Sam as a sister and a woman - she has been extremely successful in her businesses over the years.  Sam’s enthusiasm, drive and determination to achieve, help her along her incredible journey in business. Whenever there is a problem she will quickly work out a solution and her networking skills along with her enthusiasm are second to none!