Last December after seeing Tigga Towers at the GCCF Supreme Cat Show in October, the owners of Milk & Oreo (gorgeous twin chinchilla Persian Kittens) bought a custom made 3 piece Tigga Tower.


Little did we know at that point that the tower was destined to become famous!!! – fast forward 6 months and Milk and Oreo have become something of an internet sensation; with their cute little faces, fluffiness and funny antics making them seriously appealing to cat lovers across the globe! Incredibly, they have upwards of 165,000 fans across facebook and instagram, have become Buzzfeed’s Cat of the Week (no mean feat) and have been shortlisted as one of the Top 5 of Amazon’s Pets (out of 28,000 entries).


So we’re so delighted (and a little bit honoured) that Milk and Oreo absolutely love their Tigga Tower and can regularly be seen via social media relaxing and sleeping in their basket!


Look out for Milk & Oreo reviewing more Tigga Tower’s products over the next few months, and you can follow them for yourself here:


Would you like to build your own Tigga Tower like Milk and Oreo did – find out how to here - Build Your Own Tower


milk and oreo


Do your cats or small dogs love their Tigga Tower, bed or toy? We’d love to see pictures and videos of them enjoying them too, simply tag us in when you post them on social media @TiggaTowers and don’t forget to #TiggaTowers too!

Happy snapping!

From Tigga with Love x