So the team is home. Exhausted and sounding very husky on the phone lines after four days at the biggest dog show in the world. 


It was Tigga Towers second venture into the dog world and, of course, our most popular day was ‘Toy Dog Day.’ With our super-soft non-looped fabric and spring colour pallet, we were delighted to see so many customers returning from 2016 for repeat purchases. 


tigga towers products for dogs


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crufts dog show




But a show this size also meant a whole host of new friends – both human and animal. You will see from the range of photos and videos collected, that we now have many more happy canine customers!  


So far, our vote goes to the gorgeous Hector on his pillow for ‘photo of the show’ but do keep these images coming in please. The video footage of both our Igloo and Bed Box are sure to make you smile too, so check them out as well. 

hector dog tigga towers bed




The show has different categories on each day and is held over five halls at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre (NEC). It’s officially the largest dog show in the world with over 20,000 canines coming together to chase the ultimate title – ‘Best in Show.’ 



Crufts also features many other aspects of the dog world, from rescue and medical care through agility to heel work. With so many interesting facets that we never usually get the chance to see, as you can imagine the days are long! Event TV coverage kept us up to date and the many doggy cuddles brought smiles to our faces. 




The shopping at Crufts is what many visitors come for. Meeting customers from all over the world was one of the highlights, along with the kind comments about our cat towers and many enquiries to keep the team busy. So busy, in fact, that we did not dare tell some of our new canine friends that we had run out of doggy brochures and so their human slaves had to take home cat brochures instead. Sacrilege! 




Our team was so tired in the evenings that hysterical laughter -- and even crying -- took place! The final straw was Saturday evening when, having finally made it back to our van in the car park, we discovered that we were unlocking the one next door...  


Lizanne, noticing the lights come on, said: ‘Oh look, someone else is coming back to their van at exactly the same time...’  


‘No,’ I replied, “that’s actually OUR van and we’re trying to break into someone else’s!’


It’ll be a while before we live that one down, but it did bring smiles to a couple of weary faces. 


So, our second year is over and with many exciting plans in place, we hope all our new canine friends will share the news and keep in touch. We certainly enjoyed the show and look forward to being back in 2018. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for us. Rumour has it we will be popping up at a couple more dog shows later in 2017/18. 


sam marsh at crufts 2017


For now, we will rest and recover. 



With Love from Sam, Lizanne and the Tigga Towers team