So last weekend saw the Tigga Towers team attend its 8th Supreme Cat Show. I still remember our first show – rocking up at 5pm on the Friday pouring with rain and no trolley or clue what we were up to. It was chaos! In fact I remember previous years falling out of vans backwards, shelves falling on my head and no food or drink for 12 hours. Not good at all!

8 years later of course we are old hands or some might say Pros and we turn up at 9am and get the van on the back of the stand. Then the fun starts and off we go setting up for one of our favourite shows of the year. Sure it’s hard work and we are quite simply exhausted for the next week. But would we change attending the flagship show? Not a chance! There is something special about this show. It’s quite simply not only the biggest cat show in the UK with between 700 – 900 cats but it also boasts the best shopping and largest cat specific audience and this year was no different. The Supreme Team (we hear) are in fact stepping down after the last few years. I don’t doubt it’s a thankless task but from us to all those unsung volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make it run smoothly - we take our hats off to them all. It’s no mean feat running a show of this size and you can never keep everyone happy, as someone will always have a little moan - we love the show for many reasons and look forward to meeting the new team and seeing the show grow from strength to strength. In the mean time we would like to wish the old team all the very best and thank you for an amazing journey. To the new team – the very best of luck and here’s to the 2017 show and it continuing to go from strength to strength.


This year’s show was celebrating its Ruby anniversary of 40 years with a smattering of Dr Who stars and the Science Fiction element we found ourselves immersed in cats and of course the odd Dalek or two! K9 was also kept on a firm leash and patrolling the rings. We did do a double take on several occasions but then as some would say - welcome to the crazy cat show.

The Supreme Show as always was a whirlwind day starting at 7am and ending around 5pm. Even trying to get a coffee or snack proved interesting at times. Seeing so many friends and of course making new ones. The team settled into giving advice and helping customers with their purchases. From a simple cat toy like our No 1 Monkey to a couple who had spent 3 years planning their ideal tower and coming to purchase. Nothing is too much trouble for us. Bring us a problem or a cat who will not sleep on a bed / tower and we bring a solution. (well we do our very best).



The new Burgundy bedding range sold out in hours of opening our doors and we look forward to the many photos of happy feline friends in the coming weeks. Of course the cat nip toys were an instant hit and Monkeys and Ginger Bread men have definitely taken over life and cats in several homes now!


The secret new XL memory foam bed appeared on display and of course the new striped look drew more attention too. Hidden away was the new oval doughnut in our wintery grey. Guaranteed to also be a hit with small dogs too. In fact we are hearing the odd cat rules the roost and taken over these XL beds not allowing anyone else to try and have a cat or dog nap either. It’s just so typical of a cat when we hear the poor dog (regardless of size) cannot get a look in on the ‘dog’s bed. Watch this space for the odd entertaining photo.


The towers as always were on display and we had the wonderful limited edition Simon’s Box on show. Many customers who had met our father came over to say hi and offer their sympathy which was lovely and much appreciated by us all. The 3 tiered fabric platform tower on display as you arrived created such as stir and we look forward to the photo of this one when it arrives in its new home this week.


Of course someone dared mention we are back there in two weeks’ time for the National Pet Show 2016. However, today we focus on re stocking and getting our minds and bodies ready. Of course we also have many orders to fulfil and make sure no cat is left without its Tigga surprise from its slaves sorry we mean owners :O)

So if you missed us last weekend or simply need another fix then come and find us in the Cat Section of the National Pet Show back at the NEC. Lizanne suggested we just take up residence there and not bother to return and unload the van! I think we might be missed.

Anyway enjoy the collage of photos – there are not quite as many as we hoped for. But then again we were rather busy – a good thing I say.

Till the next time I am off to recharge my batteries – now where is my cuppa tea and chocolate. Oh and of course I need to make sure my gang have forgiven me for being away for two nights – I am sure they had a party without me as soon as they heard the van go. Of course like every good owner I came home bearing gifts – From luxurious teasers to balls they seem happy enough with my purchases so far.

For now we sign out…

With love from an exhausted Tigga Towers team