In June the TT team decided a photo shoot was required as Tigga Towers has a new look and some fabulous new products arriving for the winter season. With Santos and the gang (the faces of yesteryear) getting a little older plus our canine followers increasing, we decided to hold a competition to find the new faces of Tigga Towers 2018/19.



Roll forward 3 months; after lots of planning and discussions, us securing renowned international photographer Rene Solaris to do the photoshoot again (oh and I nearly forgot - me taking a week’s break right as the team were sorting closing dates and finalists), the competition was launched!


Some 200 entries later, the team managed to reduce the list to a top 12 and finally the new faces of Tigga Towers were agreed. (No one fell out – honest!)


Photographer photo shoot Tigga Towers


Emails were sent, date(s) booked and we were astounded and naturally delighted to find four of the top five could make the date (big sigh of relief for the team). The finalists travelled from far and wide, in some cases hundreds of miles to a stunning Surrey cottage where our two dogs and two cats were each given their own private time slot. The home was kept calm and quiet and no cats or dogs mixed to keep stress to a minimum.


Toy Poodle photo shoot Tigga Towers


We had a long list of shots we wanted to secure and short interviews with owners (if they were willing). Of course I had to remind the girls that whilst dogs are relatively much easier than cats, do not expect things to go according to plan. There is a saying that everyone should be reminded of – never work with animals or children.


The more observant of you may have noticed our attempted Facebook Live with Rufus and Riley the canine residents of our location. These guys could not have played their part any better and I failed miserably to hold it together as you will see if you click here. Louisa however kept the show going and never batted an eye, but mind you once the camera stopped rolling she did take a while to compose herself.



Having said that you should never work with animals, I have to say our four were absolute superstars and we are in awe of some of the shots Rene managed to secure. From a rolling Darcey to barking Frankie (for the first 15 minutes, every time the shutter went off, he barked at the camera), we had it all.


Dog fun Tigga Towers


It amazes me even now how dedicated animal owners can be and our superstar models for the day were given the VIP treatment. Their slaves were also fed and watered for their efforts of course, with some home-made banana muffins thrown in.



 Roo on Tigga Towers Dog Blanket



It was an exhausting day from start to finish but we are delighted as a team with the results and cannot wait to unveil the various photos in the coming months.


A little sneak preview video shows some of the day and of course you get to see snippets of our superstars in action - including the Tigga Towers team working hard!


Tigga Towers Cat Photos Egyptian Mau and British Longhair


For me all that is left to do here is to welcome Darcey, Morse, Roo and Frankie to the Tigga Towers team. Santos has given his royal seal of approval to our new arrivals and is enjoying life on the sofa chillaxing.


winner competition tigga towers


We hope you enjoy this insight into our shoot. Watch our Behind the Scenes Video below...



Oh, and keep 11am on Sunday 14th October free for the next instalment of what promises to be a very exciting hour where we will launch our FOUR new products for this season! (That is all I can say now without letting the cat out of the bag.)

Don’t forget! Save the date for coffee or tea with the TT team live on Facebook and Instagram:

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All our love Tigga Team.