At the end of last summer 2016 we were asked if we could supply some towers, beds and toys for the BBC TV programme Doctors


The programme was filmed on location in a very elegant house in Edgbaston, Birmingham. The production team wanted some very elegant cat towers as props to match the surroundings and naturally they chose Tigga Towers!


Call time was scheduled very early so we were up at silly o'clock to get there and set up by 8am. We had that slight feeling of terror at first, as we had allowed two and a half hours and the satnav said three hours forty minutes. Oops. But what does the satnav know - very little apparently - as we got there in under two hours and were early (there's a first time for everything!).


The shoot address was a large Georgian mansion in a very elegant street. When we arrived we immediately set up a Hooper Tigga and a clamshell Tiny Tigga. As the house was rather spacious we actually turned the Hooper into a Maxi. Well why not!




One of us rather miffed one of the actors, by asking him if he was Mike, our production contact. He looked rather pained that he had not been recognised as a famous actor. Lesson learned: don't mistake actors for crew!


The production crew loved the towers and then it was time to depart for the day while the filming began – it was all rather hush, hush! We took ourselves off to the Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum and walked around the canals for five hours.


They do long days in TV as well as early starts and didn't finish filming until 6.30pm when we packed up and went home. Job jobbed. En route home they called us and asked if we could possibly do it all again the following Wednesday. They had run out of time and needed to shoot a few more bits!


Not a problem for us at Tigga Towers, we like to get the job done! So the following week we did it all over again although it was only just over an hour of filming. So it was set up, breakfast, break down and home!


The episode will be shown tomorrow 30th January at 1.45pm, so tune in and enjoy the fruits of the Tigga Towers’ Team away day to Edgbaston.


Tigga Towers - Suppliers of luxury props to the BBC.