I’m photogenic, I know that – a strong, handsome beast! I’m a Maine Coon obviously, and Mum is never out of the faces of my sisters, Belle and Mellie, and I, with her camera phone.

Recently though, she put our noses SERIOUSLY out of joint by abandoning us for nearly three weeks. How dare she! A buying trip, she said, but her tan was suspiciously deep… I wasn’t having that. She was going to know how I felt. I’m not allowed on the work surfaces or kitchen cupboards, so I sat right on top of them wearing my haughtiest expression, just so she got the message.


santos cat tigga towers


It didn’t put her off, not at all, and she snapped me all the same. And only went and won Twitter’s Small Business Sunday Award with me at my dismissive, imperious best! That’ll teach me, I guess, but deep down I’m grudgingly pleased for her. She works hard.


Small Business Sunday (SBS) is a nationwide competition run by small business champion and former Dragon’s Den supremo Theo Paphitis, and winning it is great news for Tigga Towers. It puts the company, run by Mum and her sister Lizanne, in the spotlight, and gives them access to networking possibilities for small businesses.


theo paphitis sbs


SBS was news to me, of course. Apparently, it has been running since 2010 and every week small businesses can send this Theo guy a tweet, with a picture, and by 8pm Monday he selects six stand-out businesses and ‘re-tweets their tweet,’ whatever that means.



As far as I was aware, tweeting was what those feathered fiends did to warn each other that we were on the prowl but, I gather, this tweeting mullarkey has gone in a whole different direction and can actually be quite productive. Well, I don’t know anything about that, but obviously it was my regal presence and not Mum’s words, which did the trick.


So, in summary, it looks like I’ve shot myself in the foot, doesn’t it? We should obviously take priority but it looks like Mum is going to be busier than ever now, thanks to my slightly snotty attitude. Instead of being like that, I should probably have vented my frustration on my scratching post instead, as I did while she was galavanting for three weeks. That’s a bit of a waste of time though – even a powerhouse like me can’t damage a Tigga Tower


I even thought about throwing a spoke in the wheel of Mum’s plans for the National Pet Show next week. I was going to get all stroppy, refuse a bath and allow my coat to be all knotted, so I’d look a right mess and she wouldn’t want to show me off. But hey, I’m a proud animal and, truth told, I like the attention really. So, if you want to come and see me, or even Mum if you must, see you at The Excel Centre in London (Stand C50). You can even take my picture and give me a stroke. If I like you, I might even give you a head butt!