Hi everyone, it’s Santos here to report on my epic trip to This Morning Live 2018!



Santos the Maine Coon at home 


Mum spent the two weeks leading up to the show grooming me. I had my nails clipped, fur brushed and I even had a vet check after I had tried to play with a bumble bee (let’s just say it was not a very friendly bee).

On Wednesday evening, my mum disturbed my cat nap and we set off in the TT van together. It had been a while since my last road trip but I enjoy them because it is quality time with my mum and she positions my carrier near the window so I can watch the world go by.



Tigga Towers' Van 


Once we arrived, my mum settled me into my hideaway in her hotel room with my favourite Memory Foam Bed and food but she had left my door open so I curled up with her instead. However, my lip was sore from the bumble bee and my mum was not happy as it had opened that evening. Thus, I was disturbed again from my cat nap and we ended up visiting a friendly vet who gave my mum some strange looking objects to feed to me and ordered me to rest and be good.


For the next few days I took up residence in a hotel with my human Uncle whilst the Tigga Towers team worked hard at This Morning Live. I was very good at taking all my medicine and I gave him plenty of kitty cat cuddles but I am not sure if my Uncle has forgiven me yet… I may have left him a few smelly presents in my litter tray whilst I was there and from his reaction to them I am not sure that he had cleaned out a litter tray before.


Please excuse me, I will have to let my mum fill you in on the event now as I need to remove Melly from my position on our cat scratching tower


 Santos on Maxi Tigga Tower Scratching Post


Sam: Usually, the TT team can be found at pet shows so this show was a step out of our regular haunt.


This Morning Live is a glamorous star-studded event and it certainly lived up to its name. With celebrity TV presenters such as Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield moving around the event as they were being filmed for the live show, you never quite knew when and where you might bump in to someone famous. 


 Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield at This Morning Live 

If you were following our social media over the event you will have seen the big reveal of our new stand display units. It took a few months of planning and designing with furniturecrates.com (Plantabox) so we were extremely excited to show everyone! We absolutely love the new units - thank you furniturecrates.com !


  Tigga Towers stand at This Morning Liver



Plantabox even designed a wooden bed for Santos to chill out in at This Morning Live…



Santos in Plantabox wooden bed  

Our days were busy and packed with surprises. From bumping into Rylan early one morning…


 Sam Marsh and Rylan Clark



to meeting Nic and Eve Speakman who adore cats and own a few themselves - even a beautiful Serval! They loved our Cat Scratching Towers and we discussed the possibility of a tower for their gang. One team member, who shall remain nameless, had a long chat with them not even realising who she was talking too. Very amusing indeed as she looked up to see their faces bearing down on our stand from a hanging advert and then realised who she had just been chatting too. 


 Eva Speakman from The Speakmans  

The team even got to meet Digby, the This Morning puppy from Dogs for Good! He was so well behaved at the show that he was allowed a brand-new bed to take home with him  – our Memory Dog Bed!


 Digby on Tigga Towers Memory Foam Dog Bed



Due to Santos being unable to attend the show our great friend Rebecca Wagstaff very kindly offered to give up her Saturday and spend it on the stand with Sevvy the Bengal and Balthazar the Peterbald. The cats were, as always, total stars with Sevvy taking up immediate residence on a tower. He is such a relaxed dude that he would literally curl up and cat nap all day if he can. In fact, often visitors would ask “Is he real?” and he, if they were lucky, popped his head up for a purr and head rub.



Sevvy the Bengal in Tigga Towers Tiny Tigga scratching post



Mind you, wave some food round and he was up like a shot…



Sevi the Bengal cat eating



Balthazar was more curious and was desperate to take his mum for a walk around the show. He tended to like a short time out of his den to investigate the stand and would then take himself off to cat nap back in his den. Both were an absolute pleasure to have with us for the day in Santos’s absence. Perfect examples of show cats who are used to travelling and saying hello to the public. Thank you, Rebecca!


 Rebecca with Balthazar the Peterbald on a scratching post



The team had plenty of fun wandering around the show too. Being a lifestyle show it meant there was plenty of fashion, beauty tips and some amazing food and home ideas. 


 Oasis Fashion, Clairol hair colour at This Morning Live



The pet section was small but so many visitors had cats or small dogs at home meaning we had a brand-new audience to talk to and introduce the TT brand to.  


 Busy Tigga Towers stand at This Morning Live



We also made some lovely new friends during the event. We especially want to shoutout to Armadillo Sun. They were great company as our neighbours over the four days and their fantastic bean bags provided a perfect rest spot after a long day in heels ;). Be sure to check their website out: https://www.armadillosun.com


 Lizanne and Sam on an Armadillo Sun bean bag



On the last day, we even got a visit from Ainsley Harriet and what a gentleman he was!


 Sam, Lizanne and Ainsley Harriott 


A few weeks later and we have recovered, Santos is improving and the sun is shining (well… almost…). So, until next time enjoy our fabulous highlights video from an amazing event.





Love Sam