I've had my tigger tower penthouse for three years now, it is the best thing I have EVER purchased , it's in constant use, as sturdy as a house and I can even put a heated mat inside the soft platform to keep my girls all cozy in this freezing temp whilst I am at work. 

My feline family is ever growing and like that so does the tigga tower system, you can adapt, add, and now colour co-ordinate with your home decor. It's so easy to clean and keep hygienic and so easy to transport if you are moving, ( I have moved 4 times in the last 2 years.

I used to waste money on the old carpet towers which would need to be replaced within a year and if all the brood got on it it would fall over,, detail and exquisite craftsmanship will never be compromised with this system. Can't Wait to add more soon