Dear Tigga Towers,

I recently purchased a multi level, 5 bed Tigga Towers “creation” from you. Just a few days ago I put it together and let the cats lose on it. I have to say that my life has changed dramatically since and it’s all your fault! You say, on your website “The Tigga Towers brand and shopping experience covers all aspects from playing and exercise to sleeping.” Well, I totally agree with the sleeping part! Several of my cats have barely left it since it was erected, at night they have to be forcibly removed in order to get them to eat and one even insisted he had his meals on it, so yes, “sleeping”, spot on! I am not 100% sure about the “exercise” bit though, if you take this in its loosest sense then I suppose they get “some” exercise from jumping up onto their chosen bed, or perhaps it’s from the jostling for position, I don’t know, you tell me, you build the things! And as for playing, well, if you can call the feline equivalent of musical chairs, in this case musical Tigga Towers beds, “playing” then I might begrudgingly agree!

Nowhere on your site or advertising material do you say that the tower has a hidden magnet that relentlessly draws unsuspecting felines onto the beds. But it does! And it is an extremely powerful magnet. I have barely seen some of my cats since the tower began to cast its spell, and where once a beloved feline would lie, purring on my knee, now, sadly, my knee is cold and bare, and the said feline is snug, warm and SLEEPING, on a TT bed!!! Again, I blame you for my cold, bereft lap and my ensuing “catlessness” and demand to know what you are going to do about it.

You do not mention, either, the fact that your beds encourage even the most solitary of cats to engage in mutual curling up and sharing of a bed. I find that with 5 beds and more than 5 cats there are not enough beds to go round, or so I thought. But no, what do I find? Cats who normally do not bother with each other CURLED UP SLEEPING TOGETHER ON A TT BED!!!!! This is simply not on and once again I hold you fully responsible!

I really do not know what has happened here since the towering Tigga Tower took a grip on my feline household. I have had cat climbers before but never one that took over my cats so utterly and completely. Yes, they would sit on them for the first day until the novelty wore off, and then would sporadically use them, but never more than one or two beds used at one time and I NEVER had to prise them off them at mealtimes! This is utterly ridiculous, it really is, 80% of the time all 5 beds are in use, the remaining 20% of the time at least 3 of the 5 are in use, and as my cats now have to queue up to use it I find myself forced to implement a boating lake-like ticket system “come in number 5 your time is up!” I no longer have time to pursue my hobbies and I think my employer is beginning to wonder about my extended and unexplained absences. Again, I fear I must lay the blame entirely at your door.

I do hope you understand and accept full responsibility for my predicament and will act accordingly. With that in mind I fear there is only one solution – I really MUST have a second Tigga Towers climber so that they all have room!!!!!

Yours sincerely

A Tigga Towers cat widow, soon to be a penniless TT cat widow :)