Cat Beds / Blue Collection

Blue cat bed collection by Tigga Towers

The baby blue colour range of Tigga Tower beds gives a real baby boy feel to our cat bed range. A selection of our favourite beds are produced in this colour scheme and complement the princess feel in the pink range. Some even say it’s the prince range for all the male cats and kittens. The soft but bright blue colour gives a sweet and natural feel to this part of the cat bed range. Often we have heard owners say it also complements cats with blue eyes too. It looks stunning when combined with our soft sandstone colour and has become very popular since its launch in 2015.

The blue range is not currently available on the cat towers although we have known a few owners who have upgraded and added a blue round doughnut bed to the baskets to give the ‘prince’ feel to their cat tower. Blue is available in most of the regular beds including the popular top selling large pet blanket. The large flat pillow in white and blue is also a great one for carriers when a vet visit is required.

Like pink the blue is also extremely popular with younger cat owners and of course if you have a little boy kitten arriving then it’s a must. One of the most popular mixes of the tigga towers cat bed colours is blue with sandstone. A light but warm and masculine feel brings these two colours together and is often seen when a combination of beds are purchased.

In fact we think blue could well be the No 1 colour later this year.