Cat Beds / For large cats

Oval Doughnut Cat Bed


Grey Sandstone

£39.00 £29.25

Rectangle Pillow Cat Bed


Grey Grey Sandstone Sandstone

£29.00 £19.50

Bedding for large cats

The Large Cat Bed selection shown here does exactly what it says on the tin.

From the Cat Box which can sleep two enormous Maine Coons or a litter of kittens to the Cat Head Igloo. The basic range also includes two sizes of the popular Pet Blanket, Deep Cushion and Cat Pillow Range. The Extra Large Pet Blanket will cover the end of bed and we know it is also stolen by some humans to cover their legs. Perfect for sofas as well. The Large Deep Cushion will not only take several cats but is much loved by discerning dogs. The doughnuts are 50cm in diameter (check out the reviews and photos) and will fit two or more cats depending on age and size.

If you are looking for a large cat bed (or maybe even a small dog bed) then we have the perfect product for you.