Cat Beds / igloo

Cat Igloo Beds by Tigga Towers

The Cat Cave and Cat Igloo range has beds which are perfect for cats who like to climb into things to snooze. The Caves are slightly smaller so suit a single cat or kittens and the Igloos are larger and more open. Using the new Tigga Tower stability rod design the range has no foam inserts.

The fabric provides a really soft feel whilst the rods keep the shape of the bed intact and prevent collapse, even with the largest cat trying to sit on top. In fact, the Cat Box has 4 rods giving enough strength to support both cats inside and on top of the box if they insist! In 2015 Tigga Towers removed all foam from the range. Whilst foam inserts was a slightly cheaper option we found washing and drying this range was problematic. Using the polycotton silicon filling with internal stitching means the range is softer, dries better and keeps its shape. Because the plastic rods are removable the beds wash much better time after time. If you are looking for a bed with a difference the Cat Head Igloo not only has the 3 rods as a support system it also has the ears as a feature to give the bed character.

Whatever you are looking for in the igloo/cave section there is bound to be something that will meet your requirements. If you are looking for something a little different then the whale head or tunnel (both with our rod system) are ideal for cats that like to snuggle under the duvet. These limited edition beds provide the perfect solution for snuggle cats.