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Posh Cat Beds - The Ultimate collection

For the ultimate perfect posh cat bed this range has everything your feline friend could want. From luxurious Cat Caves to Cat Head Igloos (all with the removable rod system to provide strength and stability) the Tigga Tower designers have thought of everything that a cat might need. The rods provide the stability to stop cats collapsing the beds and are removable for washing. The comfortable double doughnut beds with double sided rims are an added twist to the normal cat doughnuts. With higher sides your cat will feel like its jumping into a cardboard box, but one which offers warmth, comfort and a sense of security.

Don’t worry if you have more than one cat as most of these beds will fit 2-3 cats (we have had eight Maine Coon kittens asleep in one!). If you are looking for something a little different then check out the limited editions in this range. They are definitely something special for your feline friend.

Luxury cat beds furniture

If you want to expand your cozy bed for your feline friend with wicker elements – you can choose from the wicker range. The wicker cat igloo bed or wicker cat clam shell bed. The strong wicker shape provide a great feel for cats and with the added cozy cat bed your cat will be in cat heaven. The cozy cat round doughnut provides the perfect upgrade and looks amazing in the clam shell. Perfect for cats who like to curl up to sleep or should we say have a cat nap. Plus, the added bonus if you want to add a scratching pole element later you have the bed and basket all ready to go.