Cat Beds / Pink Collection

Cool pink cat bed collection by Tigga Towers

The baby pink colour of Tigga Tower beds gives a real princess feel to our cat bed range. A selection of our favourite beds are produced in this colour scheme. The pink also looks stunning when combined with grey and of course it’s the colour every little girl or mum wants for her new baby cat or kitten. Introduced in late 2014 after much deliberation between the team Currently available in the bedding section but not on the cat towers. The pink selected is a gentle soft pink. It gives a warm feel to the bedding and mixes within homes with both sand and earthy colours.

The pink range is extremely popular with the younger members of a family. When a new arrival is a little girl kitten or cat then every child wants to spoil them with pink. Often the pink pet blanket is selected and becomes a child’s favourite as well as the cat. Some girls have named the pink beds the princess pink range – fit for their feline princess or queen.

There is also the cats colour. When a white or black female cat is coming to live with a family the soft pink colour looks amazing when they are curled up asleep. Of course it is also the perfect colour for a photo or two as well.