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White cat bed collection by Tigga Towers

The limited edition white cat bed range is a colour often avoided by pet owners as they fear it will show up dirt, stains and fur. However, as the Tigga Tower non looped fabric washes so well time after time white beds have consistently been one of the best sellers in the Tigga Towers Cat bed range. The white beds complement most homes décor. Also it is worth noting for those who show their cats in GCCF cat shows the white beds are acceptable for show pens. You just need to remember to remove the label from the bed before using.

Using a soft white hue (not brilliant white) this is the colour that works with everything. No matter what your home looks like or the style a white bed fits in everywhere. The white colour is also very popular in some catteries who have discovered not only does it wash up superbly but it also looks smart whilst still providing the soft luxurious feel that cats love to curl up on.

White is available in a limited number of beds in the Tigga Towers cat bed range. However, we have carefully selected something from all aspects and sizes in the whole range to include white. From our square large pillow right up to the luxurious cat bed box. There is something for every cat and kitten.