Build Your Own Cat Tree

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  • step 1

    • Choose your base

      Solid Oak
      Solid Oak
      Solid Oak
      Black Granite
      Black Granite
      Black Granite
    • Choose Quantity of base poles

    For your custom base:
    • Choose from a Granite or Oak Base, available in two sizes.
    • Please note Oak is not suitable in extreme temperature changes such as heat or damp areas.
    • Please see Tower Parts for more details and visuals.

Total amount

Tips on how to build an ideal custom cat tree online

Building unique and perfect custom cat tree for you feline friend is easy as long as you stick to several steps:

Step 1: First you need to do is to choose and ideal base. Remember, there are two types of bases available on Tigga Towers – Solid Oak and Black Granite. All of them are super stabile and you do not have to worry even if you are creating your tower for a large cat (like giant Maine Coon) or for several cats (multi-cat household).

Step 2: While selecting the base you have an ability to choose how many scratching poles you want. There are three different sizes available for poles – 0.5m, 0.75m and 1m. No matter how many poles you choose, but we always suggest at least one pole of a 75cm height so when your cat stretches they can do so fully. Also, keep in mind that every perfect cat tower should give a cat “tree” like feeling.

Please note, when purchasing a single pole and bed - we do not recommend more than a 0.75 m pole in height. When joining two poles together - we do not advise more than 0.5m jump between beds. A bed or platform must be introduced between poles to allow cats to climb down safely.

Step 3: Now, when you have a high quality base and final amount of natural poles for you kitten to scratch – time to choose a super soft and cozy bedding! There are wide verity of middle platforms and top beds available in Tigga Towers stock. You can choose from Oak beds to Wicker baskets with soft cat cushion in any color you like.

Middle platforms: a platform with arm should be introduced between poles to allow a cat(s) to climb down safely! If you wish to use a bed such as a wooden bed or wicker basket as a join between two poles,