Not just for cats the Cozy Cushion Range launched in 2016 for small / toy dogs. The super-soft, non-looped fabric is perfect For Dogs and the neutral colour pallet gives owners a fresh choice from the stereotypical styles currently available. From the Dog Pillow Beds to the Dog Bed Box there is something for all our canine friends. 

For dogs

Oval Doughnut Dog Bed


Grey Sandstone

£39.00 £29.25

Rectangle Pillow Dog Bed


Sandstone Sandstone Grey Grey

£29.00 £19.50

Luxurious designer dog beds for small dogs

Luxurious dog bedding and cozy cushions designed and manufactured by Tigga Towers are made using our soft non-looped fabric. The single thread weave helps prevent hair and dirt of small doggie from sticking, bedding is also easy to wash and keep clean. No more snagging as the fabric simulates the texture of a towel without loops, which also helps prevent claws from getting caught!

The added bonus of being stitched all the way through so the filling does not clump or move when washed means the life of a Tigga Towers small dog bed far exceeds many other cheaper options on the market.

How to choose the best fancy and washable dog bed

The bedding range is perfect for small dogs and puppies, the super soft fabric is very popular amongst our four legged friends as they love the soft cozy feel. We have a stunning selection of soft plush cozy dog beds and here is how to choose:

1. How does your doggie sleep – curled or stretched out?

2. Where does your dog usually sleep?

Once we have these answers we can advise the type and style of fancy bedding to look at. For example, a dog who likes to stretch and sleep on the floor we suggest the padded pillows in various sizes. A dog who curls when it sleeps, the round or rectangle doughnut dog beds are a perfect choice.

If in doubt – Ask the Tigga Towers Team.